Duane Allman Slide Guitar Lesson

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www.learningguitarnow.com Learn some Duane Allman style slide guitar licks in this slide guitar lessons video in open e tuning.

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@onlyonetigger Yes.

Hey I’m just getting into slide playing. Should I set my strings higher when using the slide?

@rch1407 I meant to say I raise my tail piece up higher lol. I have an Sg.

@rch1407 I have a tune-o-matic bridge . and I simply raise up my tail piece.

@nosdog136 what kind of bridge do you have? how do you raise your action?

When I play slide I like to raise my bridge up higher than normal. It help me out with playability. great vids!

i tried like hell to be irritated until i saw how good you really are, and realized that a little kid might google Duane because of it. thanks man.

Is this narrated by Louis Tulley from ghostbusters!?

excellent. what more do you need.
rock on
the hawk

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what tuning is this?

Excellent video! Thanks!

@johntuggle is thanks really mean…I disagree????

no shit….play the blues

This is great. Been playing for thirty years, slide for the last eight. Some neat tips. Sweet tone and utterly authentic phrasing. Thanks from the UK !

Great playing I have been playing this song for years you really teach it well I think all aspiring slide players could learn from you a really great lesson!

This is awesome dude! thanks for posting this!

great vid man :]

Perfect, clear lesson! Awesome 5*****!

Backwards slide = Air horn.

tuning is open e, but you can play in any key schmuck.

@tstabno Open e tuning is different. Key of D is 10th fret. Thanks!

@prophetdude2 Yes. I like the 57 classics better than the p90s.

is that an sg 61 reissue?
i really want one, for a cool 60′s rock/blues sound u think i should get one of these or the p90 sg Classics?

Great video. How is this in the key of D when the notes are mostly between fret 8-10? I typically think of the as the Key of C “box”.

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