Doug Smith plays a Taylor Guitar at Portland Music Company

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Grammy Award Winner Doug Smith appears at a Taylor Guitar Clinic at Portland Music Co.
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It’s called “Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Phillips Sousa

@hell4raizer it’s stars and stripes lol

stupid question here, what song is he playing? where can i get a tab?

what a great arrangement !

it sounds like cheap ’90s videogame music!

it sounds like cheap ’90s videogame music!

IMpressive playing! sounds good to me.

@Maniac69Guitar Or Guy Van Duser, who’s arrangement Chet borrowed!


Pretty Smooth Doug…
none of us will ever play it like chet though…lol..

Música 1!!! Ordinário!!!!! Marche!!!!!!!!

Fingers like dill pickles= sour notes.
Funniest thing I ever read on YouTube! Bravo!

Thats not a 314…

Brilliant. Absolutely awesome!!

got a 314ce myself the best!

Never fails..humans with fingers like spider monkeys can really cover those ..I have fingers like dill pickles
aways have sour notes.

no there would be a big old us flag at the head

un peu trop cher pour moi ^^ tans pis :(

Yes, he is good demonstrator, better than some guitarist of Kreator or Slayer :)


Looks like a Liberty Tree model


may I ask what model this is?


I think I’ll buy myself a Taylor.

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