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CD “Passion Session” obtainable at itunes, amazon, and Don Ross Tabs accessible at http
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@JacksonxRhoads23 because they need to pluck every single string? its hard to play like that without nail attachments.

Man, using fake nails is very popular in this guitar style for some reason?

Wow…. speechless. Thanks for sharing this!

Absolutely Fantastic!! <3


What the fuck is a Pitbull ft Neyo advert doing before this track? That seriously angered me. Then this song started and everything was better.

Anyone noticed the influence of Michael’s Jitterboogie on this one? Thumbs up!

Great guitar playing,beautiful sense of rhythm very cool!

one of the best tunes ever written for acoustic guitar! Don Ross kicks ass!

@Isaac2c Peter Jackson + Michael Moore = Don Ross

@TheAllyMacdonald haha i think he looks more like peter jackson (director of lord of the rings), but hagrid is also a funny comparison

2:55 – bad ass lick

What second pick up is he using?

Those crisp voicings lead me to believe he probably does a bit of woodsheddin.

indecent……. the best compliment i can say. D

@Jackiesstash08 Not really. Cheap guitars are actually stronger because of laminate wood. Solid wood (in expensive guitars) need extra care so they tend to get alot of dings and marks on the body. Besides, Hes slapping the strings which doesn’t do anything to the guitar body.

Alot of musicians like to call their cheapo as a “beater guitar”. One they dont mind taking abit of damage.

keep hitting 3:36 ftw

expensive acoustic guitars can really take abuse, a cheapo would crumble in a month after this. you can really slam the bastards.

wow you are right was the audiance on valium? ha! wheres te hooting…Im hooting and im infront of a computer!


Haha Thumbs up for the way he says thanks at the end.

:o ¡¡¡¡¡¡me quedé con la boca abierta!!!!!

flippin the bird at 1:33

Guitar master!

Thumbs up for this harmonic 2:41 :)

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