Don Ross – Klimbim

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Guitar Model: Beneteau custom lengthy scale An original song by Don Ross, from his CD Passion Session obtainable at : Candyrat – CD & Tabs at itunes Amazon Check out Don Ross at
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Wow! no doubt one of the greatest gifts I ever had the pleasure of hearing, I got choked up just hearing this session. Would love to see you in concert soon. Thank you for sharing your gifts and music with the world, its a better place becuase of you.

wow, I don’t know why, but this song really makes you want to cry because of happiness :)

how is that even possible…

hey, i cover this song too :D take a look at my chanell

for the first time, i enjoyed this type of guitar playing.

great play :D

The greatest thing about the music of Ross, McKee, et al, is that it is musically satisfying on many different levels:

The guitar virtuoso says, “Damn. I wish I had written that.”

The beginning guitar student says, “Damn. I don’t know if I could ever play that, but I would like to one day.”

The kid who knows nothing about playing an instrument says, “Damn. This sounds really good.”

What makes great music great is that it accommodates everyone

@Keatons1026 Yes, they did an album together of arrangements of both of their music. It’s really good!

doesn’t he play with andy mckee on some stuff?

@megalodonNL Actaully I’ve been a fan of Satriani long before I discovered Don Ross. Its just a completely different style of music like you said. It has nothing to do with not being in tune with the music or grooving with it, its completely apparent that Satriani and all the other virtuoso players have that, its just the way it comes out in expression. Anyways, I love Satriani and Don Ross, I was merely commenting on the difference in expression and how I enjoyed this…made me feel it too.

They groove with the music as well. You comment sounds like you don’t like those other artists like Satriani. But I think he accomplished great things himself. It’s just a totally different discipline.

@LeiMouseio acid will do that

Watching Joe Satriani and other artists play, you always see them making quite hilarious faces while they rock hard, but Don Ross just sits there and grooves with the music, which is especially amazing, in my opinion. Keep this up, don’t stop.

I cried watching this.. I really did.

@parkbran097 The better part is repeating it 100+ times

i feel sorry for the 33 people who disliked. they’re probably very unhappy people

311,00 views. It’s a shame only 2,000 people have seen this…

Dude, each song you play gives me goosebumps.

@bobcyclo as far as i know andy was first inspired to play that kind of stuff by preston reed

@espena87 You should see him live! He´s got great humour tough!

Sweet Jesus! I´m looking forwward to seeing you play in germany again! just love you maaan! Feelin Dank im Vorraus Don!!

@bobcyclo Great shout. Yuor comment put’s the argument about who’s best into perspective.

@SilkTopHat do you listen to techno? It’s “steps” where the music jumps quickly from one sound to another. Check out some Skrillex or Bassnectar and you’ll see what I mean.

France is the best countr in the world ;)

From France

of techniques, but Don Ross took it to a whole new level for me. Sorry for multiline answer, but YouTube decided to post before I was done writing.

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