Don Rickles on Dean Martin Roasts Reagan

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Its the Master of Venom’s turn to dish out the punishment, this time its Govenor Ronald Reagan.

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Was that a Dodger in the audience?


@jb2lk I just watched a video of Greg Giraldo roasting Jeff Foxworthy to see what you are talking about. Giraldo has no class or true wit, just a bunch of dirty one liners. Rickles is twice the comedian. I also don’t recall Greg Giraldo being invited to do a gig at a presidential inaguration.

You know I would intentionally get Rickles riled up so he could insult me. I would wear that insult like a gold medal, lol!

@TropicalShirtTy haha, nice

@TexasSheepdawg21 he did lampoon o’bumma once on letterman’s show and made fun of the that o’bumma would be practicing his (basketball) shot if they ever knocked on his door and said Iran is invading us. The other joke he said was (same premise) O’bumma would say “don’t bother me right now, I’m dribbling” (bouncing basketball).

And that was it. If we all survive this obumma thing, i think rickles will have a lot more to say. despite the veneer he may put up in the act, he is no liberal

drinking, smoking and telling very un -Political Correctness jokes on live TV. wow, how far we have fallen.

Times sure have changed. you would never see a governor do this on TV now a days.

@PinkCowgirl925 and thats a good thing. those actors, musicians and comedians from back in the days are true legends and had real talent :) but unfortunately a lot of young people (kids and teens) don’t know them anymore. It’s great that there are still young people like you who enjoy those legends and are interested in their stuff.

@jb2lk Oh, the ignorance of youth……Rickles doesn’t have to resort to the bottom of the barrel for laughs.

Reagan was a nice man but started this country on it’s road to self-destruction by opening the door to evangelical freaks. Rickles is a superstar

psssh greg giraldo eats this guy alive

don rickles is and was awesome….hilarious


“Ignorance will provide as long as the world stands.”

Does it matter how old we are? Just enjoy the comedy. Don’t matter what age you are.

“I say this from my heart Dean, you have a problem!” Lmao

any idea when this aired? great stuff!!!

@webgeek6 It must be blissful to be that ignorant

And then this stupid fuck got elected president somehow and began the destruction of our country. This 11 time tax raiser, terrorist negotiator, cut and runner. The middle class is still feeling the pain.

@JanaSklibova well some people think that the only think kids and teens watch are shit sho im trying to show that we dont all watch jersy shore and abunch of shit like that. and if you hadent noticed 4 OTHER PEOPLE DID THE SAME THING

@PinkCowgirl925 And now you feel cool or what? You are hopeless with all these comments about your age on youtube!

36 people were nearly hit by Ronald Reagan’s car.

@george2648 in the words of Don Rickles, “I DON’T CARRRE!” But hah whatever.

@webgeek6 to Conservative for you?

@acrnkovich31 man up you 18 your old bitch why you still a boy

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