Don Rickles on Dean Martin Roasts : Bob Hope

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The Master of Venom gets his shot at the great Bob Hope on Dean Martin Roasts.
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Dean is so cute. Wish I could have been alive during this time.

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@rosewoodfretboard – i agree, when i was very young back in the 1970′s i would watch the celebrity roasts with my parents, endless comedic talent, never to be seen again, the good ole days….I love Don Rickles….

01:20 Dean’s reaction is hilarious!!

That is Mark Spitz & Sandler would not make the cut to be on that show.

@Sherpaful perhaps it is ignorant to call people ignorant because they don’t have the same sense of humour as you? For the record I can’t stand Adam Sandler.

@binsk i think you’re ignorant. you probably think adam sandler is the greatest comic ever.

Dean Martin’s old comedy partner Jerry Lewis

Camaraderie at it’s best.

@binsk Cause you don’t have a Good sense of Humor maybe..
No offense….

Didn’t laugh once but everyone was laughing like they had heard the funniest thing EVER?

who’s jerry?

@pussyStarter I’m pretty sure that’s swimmer Mark Spitz who had just won 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

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WTF!!!! I mean these are/were A-list celebrities. BTW, was that Freddie Prinze?

These guys were funny, no foul language on air but the innuendos, oh the innuendos. Innuendo is a lost art with most of today’s comedians. Probably because it is lost on most of today’s audiences.


Don Rickles is Jewish.

This is real comedy , not the Jewish filth that we see on today’s celebrity roasts…

as soon as i saw Dean reaching for the glass at 1:15 i imagined exactly what happened five seconds later :)

These are REAL American icons and celebrities on stage here. I mean did you notice all the legends he mentioned here? Ronald Reagan (regardless if u agree with his politics), Omar Bradley, Neil Armstrong, Jimmy Stewart, etc. Now when they do roasts its d-list actors, unfunny comedians, and reality tv “stars” roasting Flava Flav and Bob Saget. Pathetic.

34 people were not allowed admittance to the home.

Who are these 34 people who disliked this?

What happened when roasts could be done with PG-PG-13 language and clever humor instead of the dirty low-brow humor.

my god this was tv at its best.not f**** x factor

such excellent quality good job, also gotta love these roasts

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