Doc Martin: Going Bodmin

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Dr. Martin Ellingham gives up life as a London surgeon, to become a GP in the sleepy Cornish hamlet of Portwenn.
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@marcusosborne1 im coming down on the 13th, where is Port Emmet? I will have to go there!

i came across this on WETA channel and glad i did! i love british television

if anyone’s thinking of coming over to Cornwall (my home) anytime soon, you should definately visit Port Emmet, bloody handsome down there my lovers :)

ha ha! Having been on holiday to Cornwall last month I thought the Camelot hotel was Tintagel castle lol :0/

LOVE this, more please. Saw Doc Martin & Louisa to be married episode.. Friend told me they got “cold feet”.
Also please put Fawlty Towers and To Manor Born on PBS Ch.26. Cannot get
Channel 22 here in Bethesda, MD
Keeping up Appearances is getting tired. As Time Goes By is a drag—she is
always bitching, tiresome..

you can watch this show on HULU , its a great show

These shows are available on public television in the USA. Check local listings.

@renfroe1980 Not all PBS stations show the same things. Where I live I get NYC, Philly, NJ and one I can’t figure out where it is and I have never seen it on any of them.

@Andraste77, Hollywood has a VERY specific agenda, of dumbing down and brainwashing the masses. Thats why you have the shows you do.

@MegaHockeypuck1 …Hahaaaaa, I will watch this, its the first one,when he comes to Portwenn, did you see some of it?? … the scenery??

Here you are Jupie :)

excellent show !!

Is that the same Hotel that appeared in “The Witches” movie?


Once again I have thank the person that is allowing us the pleasure of these Brit series if I have to watch another mindless American show I would run screaming into the Atlantic ocean

@SpinDizzyMR this is the first episode

is Ross not that guy from Doctors Who’s Blink?

this show runs on PBS all the time

@SpinDizzyMR this is episode one there all good

pbs pbs pbs airs this/these brit shows in the us of a god bless NOFX.

@jdu6 there on pbs in america or stream on line or net flix to your tv

@fallinmichigan yea this show is awsome but it seems the season or time of year all episodes are the same for 3 years……bueller? becky? bueller?

@bloderme there on pbs in america or stream on line or net flix to your tv

@SpinDizzyMR i think this is #1 miss titled people are on u tube search and u will find a list of episodes to reference i like em all but they r great in order peace love humor

great show on pbs in america sundays or watch the whole series in order at your conveniences on line ,netflix ,or dvd what ever give a few episodes a try and youll love it!!!!

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