Dimebag’s guitars at the Dean Guitars Booth at the NAMN Show 09

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Dimebags guitars at the dean booth in the namn 09. The Dean From Hell has a lot of scratches burns form on stage fireworks and i have heard rumors that dime shot bottle rockets off the headstock. the next guitar is the FAR BEYOND DRIVEN guitar also used extensively as can be told by the scratches Lengthy LIVE METAL ,,/!!!!!!
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For as beat up the Dean from hell is it looks fucking awesome!!! METAL!!!

man this is replica watch te dime clinic video and u will see.(watch the colour of a pick and then compare it)

@ JoshuaDG2111 He changed the pickups around sooooooo many times on that guitar at one point he had 2 Bill Lawrence pickups in it one at the bridge and one at the neck plus there is no copying that gouge at the top look closer at the photos vids whatever it’s “THE FULL MEAL DEAL!”

that “dean from hell” guitar is a complete FAKE REPLICA! watch his “dime clinic” videos and you’ll see the real one when he plays “fucking hostile” the white humbucker is next to the fret board not like this incorrect replica is….

@toymachine338 me 2 u know that dime’s hero was ace?

if i saw that id have to play walk on it just for a sec

I would cry at the sight of all that greatness.

Pffff don’t Touch…… I would Grab it and Run As fast as i can haha

that should be under glass, do not touch, yea right

that should be under glass

its cool how on the dean from hell its yellowed at the top

is it possible to get a copy of the dean from hell because the rust from hell guitar doesnt have the chips its just painted on i want it to have the battle damage

@ratherbhunting1 Good news! It is available; Dean still make them, their not exactly to the same spec as Dime’s original but I heard their still pretty good. They’ve even released a limited edition Rust From Hell guitar; which is a more accurate replication of the guitar in this vid, with scratches and all. :P

Woah. I don’t think I’d be worthy of going within two foot of one of those guitars.

this is fucking awesome!!!!

the first guitar is the one he won in a contest. the second guitar was his first guitar his dad ever bought him.

@freakishidiot He had both those guitars on CFH.

He had both those guitars on CFH.

If the Dean from hell ever became available I’d be at that auction with my credit card in a heart beat

Those guitars must be worth millions.

on the dime from hell why isnt the dimebucker inverted?

@snapascrew no i think he was playing one of his own designed razorbacks

@MrHeadbanger999 i thought he might of been aswel because one of them has qite a bit of damage

@masterofgarrett dime never played a razorback live just a test guitar. he died before they mass produced them.

It’s so fucking stupid why do they hang up the guitar’s for people to look at I wish they’d give them to fan’s of Dime so people can live on his legacy

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