Demitri Martin

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stand up

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It’s on a show called Rove Live which used to be a talk show in Australia. It recently ended. (Or not so recently? Depends on your definition of “recently”)

@greenfloyd12 I believe it’s on a tv show called rove but I’m not sure because I live in the u.s. And they don’t broadcast that here

@ginger89kid plus george carlin makes my top 3

52 people peed into the pool

it’s a boy! …..sort of

the description should be ‘sit down’


Birman is a tool compared to Dimitri Martin

Where is this?

@Rickiej13 I’m hoping that was a joke

@ginger89kid Yes! Same here!

@Rickiej13 wow really? demetri was way before gay ass bo burnham

Demetri Martin?is is an overrated hack.

I think that Dane Cook is just a looser and Demetri Martin stole Bo Burnhams act

Demetri Martin and Mitch Hedberg- 2 favorite comedians..OF ALL TIME!

what r these? orange…….sss….. what r these? oh crap lolololol

hes a genius.

@commonsensesayshi You mean the ‘I think they named oranges before carrots’ joke? I noticed that. It took me a second, too. lol.

What kind of guitar does he use?

@ibengson i bet u dont have any friends… and you are obese

I think he’s way better. Mitch Hedberg isn’t that funny to me, his delivery’s alil off to me.

@ibengson well why u wacthing this den go watch dane cook

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