Debbie Gibson – Only in my dreams (live)

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Final clip of her Out of the Blue concert (1988). Note the way she jumps, runs and dances, and still have the energy to sing like that. Awesome!

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@corycmelvin Yeah, noticed that too. Am thinking it’s just baggy oversized jeans…lol.

today’s music sucks ass !!!

why can’t we BRING BACK THE 80′S


I wish i could dance like that…

Looks like she has a bulge in her tights.

check out debbies new single called “Rise”

She is DEFINITELY talented – Debbie was the REAL DEAL!!! Tks for posting!!!

Mega Python vs Gatoroid

Puts Brittny to shame!

Que loco como salta… No para un segundo…

@ 0:10, what a moment:)

@mmoraleslisboa take me with you:)

Ok so this is probably the sixth time watching this video for me. Cant get sick of it. Its just a happy song. Hello weekend:) How could you not get pumped up to this!!!!!!

Her jacket is off the hook btw!

US Government needs to shift defense spending towards research and developmental programs for time machines. I was three when this came out, kinda missed the bus on this era of music but its great stuff and cant get enough of it.

Shes amazing!

great concert

with this intense performance its hard to go live but deborah just did it with no effort^_^ lol britney always do lip sync……

Pure talent.

she’s like the female version of michael jackson! look at all that energy! and the voice! marvelous!

The sad thing here is she probably wouldn’t make it today based on pure talent because of her clean image.

Wow. Her voice live sounded just like the recorded album! Incredible.

Damn! Sounded JUST like the recorded album.

I wish I could get on Doc’s Delorean and go back to the 80′s.

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