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@Krurnosai Cone bra.

@Donkeyn00b No I don’t think so; her boobs are wobling too much and are too pointy for her to be wearing a bra

@Krurnosai Yes she does…

The girl in the white shirt at 1:53 has no bra.

tks Dino !! tks Jerry !

i love him. ive heard of him before, but i never knew what he really did. my grandmother almost killed me for not knowing who he was

who dont love THAT’s AMORE’?

@Secretxchanel You mean Jerry Lewis?

Who’s the clown tats spoiling the song?

Two genes, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for a beautiful song.

@manateeswillrule if you mean they broke up then yes they did mostly because people starting only focusing on Jerry and were leaving Dean out of the picture so they split in 1956 and werent seen in public together until Dean appeared at Jerrys muscualar dystrophey telethon in 1976

@hobbyguy14 ahh and I also heard they had a falling out? could you explain that?

Excellent song !! I love it !

@manateeswillrule yes he was only a comic and dean could sing and do some comedy

i would sell all teh things i own just to get a CHIP of THAT Italy back then, when at least some of teh most romantically hailed stereotypes about Italy were real, and where after all,Italy was a good place where to live (even if WAY more closed mentally than today, only smarter)

@hobbyguy14 jerry is the one that cant sing?

@manateeswillrule Jerry Lewis Deans comedy partner

can someone tell me who the one singing was(if it wasnt dean) and the one with the obnoxious voice?

@vampian420 Oh definitely that was the time to be alive it seems :) I would’ve loved to have been young then. Life was so much easier it seems :)

@FI7productions im not talkin about only the music, i mean EVERYTHING, i would have loved to be you know in my 20′s in the 40′s, so im still young, got the nice old cars, music, women, EVERYTHING! it would have been heaven :)

@vampian420 He was defo american but I’m sure he had direct italian relatives and such :) and I agree that music was amazing

Dean was my mothers love. I grew up seeing him and Jerry at the Paramount Theater in N.Y. She even died listening to his music. He was truly great.Many times she had talked to his wife. True Story.

@FI7productions dean martin waz italian, im pretty sure, especially with things like this, lol, how many american people WEREN’T italian in those days, lol:) how i wish i had lived in those days, this coming from a 14 yr old guy

@johnvena56 What that doesn’t make sense in English, and isn’t Dean Martin American anyway?

Love dean Martin hated him with Jerry Lewis

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