Dean Martin aint that a kick in the head

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@MrStupidBox me too lol


Tear “It wasnt my fualt i just loved it soooo much” “You Raped killed then Repeated! your just terrible!” “No im sorry!” “The jury finds you guilty of rapeing then killing the Replay button of Anint that a kick in the head by Dean martin twice!” “Im so sorry”Tear “I sentence you to three years of rap!” “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” kills my self =P

thumbs up cus of fallout

@oroizwvm I thumb up because your comment is the weirdest.

no I actually came because of Mafia 2.

@toothybrushman Same man same. Lol.

thumbs up if mafia 2 brought you here (you dont have to if your shy its ok want a hug) me ——->(>’.')> <(0.0<) you

Mafia 2 actually brought me here


Like this if you don’t think it matters how you got here, and just love the music.

32 dislikes got kicked in the head

after i finished playing Maffia 2 i came nd listen to this song

@wingman2699 actualy no I just have good taste in music

The 32 people who disliked this hate life.

Who came here to see a legend?

@wingman2699 i did i hav it on i tunes

i dont give a shit if ya like it or not, Fallout paid tribute to one of Vegas’ best.

@wingman2699 me

Dino is one of my favorite singers of all times. Thanks for sharing.

press 9 and it sounds like he’s sayin anally

i guarantee if it wasn’t for fallout new vegas this song wuldnt even have 500,000 views.

VEGAS!!!! I listen to this song everytime i go to VEGAS!!!

The Rat Pack!!!

Dean Martin…what a legend!

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