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shredder!!! vote for me!!
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I sense a Zakk Wylde influence here (looks at background) huh I wonder why…


@examinationboard I’m not sure but I would kill for his hair.

SDMF My Black Label Blood Brother!!! Great playing!!! Nothing wrong with Idolizing your hero!!

do you like black label society?


@examinationboard I think it’s called the SLASH sindrom!?

this guy must have ate a couple dozen cobs a corn before doing all of his vids lol jk. keep it man your playing is superb

Zakk and Dime put together o:

yall say that hes copying zakk, so what, in my opinion guitarists all sound the fuckin same nowdays, at least he’s copying someone whos different

@boxtrap21 uhh dude yeah actually if you listened to a lot of dimes stuff it does, no hate intended and im sorry i spelt dime wrong

@BreathlessCause ya he good hella lot better than me but he looks like a fuckin poser

@JakeJamm1 This sounds nothing like Dimebag. Shame on you for spelling his name wrong. R.I.P. DIME

@BreathlessCause more like dime bag

@BreathlessCause more like dimb bag

dime would be proud! r.i.p

@BreathlessCause let’s see YOU do that. lol

Your a brilliant guitarist. But id say your kinda stealing zakks sound and style. Try to come up with your own cool sound dude :)

that sound brutal man m/

@BreathlessCause have u not ever noticed if u pay close enough attention most guitarists origionals sound lyk tht of their biggest inspirations

Looks like a metal version of slash with epic dime/wylde licks. Fuckin beast!!!!!

Hes got some Dimebag licks in there to. It aint all just zakk.

Look at this guy showing all of his ‘metal’ clothing just to make sure we all think he’s legit!! hahahah

bad ass tone bro. what are you using?

zakk wanna beee haha jk u gotz some chops dude

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