Dean Guitars Razorback DB Floyd

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Razorback DB Floyd Basswood Leading / Body 24-3/4 Scale Bolt-on Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard Dime Razor Inlays Grover Tuners Black Hardware DBD Traction Knobs Floyd Rose Unique Trem. Bridge Dean DMT Design Humbucker Pickups Lite Leer Case Included Finishes: Classic Black

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what string thickness comes with it so wen i change the strings i know wat thickness to use next time?

i have one and sound awesome !!!!!!!!!

These guitars are made in South Korea not in tampa bay.

@thewall15lalo it’s 500 bucks

@0692gustavo i would say the shecter cause it has emgs pre instaled and its prob a neck thu unlike this razorback

I want this guitar for my birthday, once I get it I’m gonna swap the bridge pickup foe an emg 81 :)

I need this guitar so bad I’m gonna get it for my birthday and change the bridge pickup to an emg 81 :)

and just to let all you people know dean has no tone if you are buying low end

how much does it cost?????.. i love this fkin guitar… want it

This one with the lightning or a shecter damien elite FR(EMG81/85)??? there the same price…

@ESPguitarsNINJA yes it would!!1 im gettin one!! THRASH TILL DEATH

yeah so affordable at a grand

@Toxicstank345 get this and put seymour duncans in it. the SH-6 distortion and the SH-13 dimebucker. thats what i did for mine. it sounds amazing

should i get this one? or should i save an extra 100 for the biomechanical one

@MelvinTheStoner awesome, i never eally did understand the reason for my friend’s dislike of basswood, might be that they’re heavy into gibsons, i never really had any issues with the wood of my current guitars, but you know, before you spend hundreds of bucks on something you wanna get tons of info first, appreciate it man

@DimebagsZombie Well, it makes the guitar kinda lightweight but all razorbacks/ML’s are. Being basswood you know you’re just gonna get a ton of low end, which is awesome. And ‘sustainwise’ it’s pretty decent too.

@MelvinTheStoner ok, thanx, i keep geetin chewed out on how it’s basswood, does the fact its basswood feel any different to you?

@DimebagsZombie Would I ? They’re still a goal in my book as far as I’m concerned.

@MelvinTheStoner sweet, my ML-X and killswitch Razorback both have passive, i was curious, would you recommend dimebuckers at all?

@DimebagsZombie Passives are the way to go man :D

@MelvinTheStoner thanx man, i’ve been playin on the ML/Razorback body shapes & i couldn’t agree more on comfort, are the pickups active or passive?

@DimebagsZombie The neck is somewhat wide, wich I find cool to shred and such. I never thought i would say this but: the bridge stays in tune PERFECTLY, and I beat the shit outta the strings. One more thing I love about it is the confort wich is totally simbiotic, like an extension of my body when I play standing. Overall it’s a 9/10 for the fact that it costs less than $500. I really love this guitar.


I used to play a Telecaster so the pick-up difference is quite clear to me, these are some beasts as far as stock pick ups go. The one I own has this gigantic hum at 0 volume and 10 tone because I didnt spray it with graffite yet, and at 0 volume and 0 tone you can still get some sound outta the amp but I kinda like it.
And it’s kinda tricky to pinch the low E especially with thicker strings, but you’ll get the hang of it sooner or later.

@MelvinTheStoner i’m most likely gonna get it for christmas, how does it do now? like the pickups and such

it would be awesome to get this with 24 frets but dime always had 22 on his guitars,

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