Dean Guitars ML ATF3000

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ML ATF3000 Carved Flame Maple Best Mahogany Body 24-three/four Scale Set Mahogany Neck / Rosewood Fingerboard Abalone Physique, Neck, & Headstock Binding Abalone Dot Inlays Grover Tuners Black Hardware Floyd Rose Original Trem. Bridge USA Dean DMT Baker Act Bridge Pickup USA Dean DMT Time Capsule Neck Pickup ATF3000 Finishes: Scary Cherry, Trans Black • ML AT3000 also obtainable with Tune-O-Matic Bridge AT3000 Finishes: Scary Cherry, Trans Braziliaburst

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why was this guitar discontinued ?

@username09 I have this exact guitar and it plays so nicely and yeah it doesn’t have Duncan’s on it but the stock pick ups are surprisingly great the clean tones sound amazing and distorted they destroy man.

i really like this guitar but it doesnt have seymour duncans and the inlays are only dots. therefor i am not buying this guitar. i am buying the dean ml shadow instead. i think if you guys build an ml that has 24 frets, a floyd rose, a v neck, and special inlays not just dots, a set neck, a rosewood fret board, and a mahogany body, that would be the perfect guitar!!! thumbs up if you agree so that dean guitars can see!!! m/ keep rockin guys!

@cissystrutter yeah yeah i know that

@redsfan293 You Just have to learn how to reset it really easily, there was a video up on how to reset it in like 2 minutes, i use that technique now, works really well, just look up how to set up a floyd rose in two minutes, im pretty sure thats the video

@MrDarkRiff The ML came first

reminds me a little to the esp gus g :)

@redsfan293 actually, i have a floyd too, and what i did was i had them block it. it’s great i still get the tuning stability and the comfort of a floyd but now it actually stays in tune and doesnt float. basicly, you just put a piece of wood between the floyd and the body, no problem, nothing permanent :)

@Erock09291 I wish I would have got mine without the Floyd. It’s a pain in the ass. It almost always stays in tune except when the weather changes alot. It went from 80 degrees to 50 and now the tuning is all fucked up. I’ve learned my lesson, stick to a fixed bridge.

@TruthhturT GIBSON IS THE BEST!!! along with deann

am i the only one to hear Texas Hippie Coalition playing in the background?

Sexy Guitar! Dean never fails to satisfy!


Thank you very much for the info! I hoped to be a V-neck but I already have C-neck so I’m already used to that one ;)

@linkrage It’s a C neck.

Hey man can you check and tell me if this guitar is a C-neck or V-neck?
Which one of these it looks like? ->

its a sexy sexy sexy thing this guitar :D

@TruthhturT That is because Jaydee is the best.

I bought a Braziliaburst, and it is awesome. got it without the Floyd, but it still kicks ass

@Macsk8ing Clearwater, Fl. When I lived near there I went to the factory and did a tour, Bought an MLX and got a free T. Lol. You can Order from the factory & get better rates & packaged deals. Check em out online man!

gibson is the best

I ordered the “Scary Cherry” finish. When I received it the stain color was way too DARK, could hardly make out the wood grain beneath the murky red. So I mailed it back and ordered the Brazzilla *spelling?* one and it’s KICK ASS color. I kept it.
I made a video with it too. Check it out on my video uploads.
Your Pal,

$299-399 at amazon(dot)com

@Macsk8ing I got mine from Musiciansfriend(DOT)com. I think the Dean Headquarters is in Tampa, Florida.

@SilentDestruction900 Do you know where these deans are made btw?

@SilentDestruction900 Yeah, thats great!!! is that low price because of christmas or something?

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