Dean Guitars Dime Razorback DB Floyd Biomechanical

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• Basswood Top / Body • 24-3/4″ Scale • Bolt-On Maple Neck • Rosewood Fingerboard • Dime Razor Inlays • Grover Tuners • Black Hardware • Floyd Rose Special Trem. Bridge • Dean DMT Design Humbucker Pickups • Light Weight Case Included • Finishes: “Biomechanical” Custom Graphic

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I don’t like the head

Are like all of Dean guitars 3/4 scale? Cuz that’s perfect for a small guy like me.

@arslors I would buy everything in USA but in the spanish aduana all products from across the river get like 25% taxes, plus not every shop ships to europe, how does it work in finland?

@FeelMetalMan buy it from U.S.A, 499 USD=349e

neck-through ???

@gibsondoubleneck yes!! i want to buy a dean lightning (:

I want that guitar…. If it wasnt because of ITS NOT 100% black! I hate when its tree colour when u look from behind :(

I want that guitar….

dudes this guitar is made of basswood and rosewood, I don’t think it can get a very dimebagish sound, my 200 $ LTD M50 is made with those materials so I can tell you it’s really bassy even though I put an emg81 on it (this is gonna be much bassier cause of the size of thebasswood body), 444 € for this is overpriced, and this vid I find it lame, how could they display a guitar that untunes in a commercial vid, either they are cheap with the vid or I understand this floyd rose can’t keep it tuned

For all of those who keep stating that the guitar goes out of tune at 1:20 or so, no argument there. This however, can be the output of various factors. The obvious one though, is that the Floyd Rose tremolo on this guitar wasn’t properly adjusted between string and spring tension, causing it to un-tune. If you can set up a Floyd rose, no worries, it will be fine. It is Floyd Rose in fact. Probably the #1 most functional and high quality floating bridge on the market today. So quit yer yapping.

it went outta tune at 1:20.

I am getting this TODAY!

You think i will have static problems with this guitar’?

@Toxicstank345 think about it, its all the same guitar accept for some crazy graphic. is a graphic really worth 100 dollars? it could be if you think its cool and it impresses your friends. it for sure adds some kick ass personality to it too. the other one is just plain boring so i might get this if i was you, if you dont have many guitars and you need to spice up your collection, then get the kick ass graphic man

i lol’d at 1:00 when he couldnt get the trem past his leg

lol, nobody noticed it got out of tune at the point before the guy talks about the specs? 1:14

@gibsondoubleneck if your talking about the black one me too

@Toxicstank345 Definitely, I had the black one but it wasn’t as heavy as I would have liked it to be, and the pickups weren’t as high output as on my other guitars so I took it back. This one sounds a lot better then the one I had

@Toxicstank345 I think that you can wait and save money and you will have an excelent guitar

@Toxicstank345 if the differenece is only the finished then i wouldn’t

@gibsondoubleneck are you talking about the blue one with the lightning bolt, cause if you are they do have one, idk if you know that cause it was 5 months ago….

I was originally just saving up for the black one thats only 400, but should i keep saving an extra 100 for the biomechanical?

have this guitr good access to acute?

@hazelbuddy443 Flutter effect :)

@hazelbuddy443 dont listen to these bums, thats a divebomb and using the trem to flutter. thats that little trilling sound.

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