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Legendary Rocker Dave Mustaine of Megadeth joins Dean Guitars! As one of the most prolific musicians in heavy metal history, Dean Guitars welcomes Dave to the Dean family in what is certain to go down as one of the biggest events ever.
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After seeing this I can see why I never got into this band.
Also wonder what he will say about his guitar sound once he moves to another brand.
I love my Dean’s but nothing has yet come close to my 7VSBL. :)

I am glad that Dave is off drugs. Makes his head clear, to make some great music. He was looking like death warmed over in past pictures. The guy did nearly every drug under the sun.

Dean Martin guitars kick ass. Dime Bag used them too. God rest his soul. Dave is a no frills kinds of front man. He is sorta of an asshole. That is what makes him a bad ass. He dos not take shit from anyone. Megadeth have not put out a shit album ever IMO.MTV is pure shit now. VH1 and VH1Classic are much better channels!

it’s all in the glue… Hahahahaha

@abhishekverma1983 I thought the same thing lol..

yes , he was wth ESP when he got the Axxion, just youyubr esp axxion

2 of my favourite guitarists use Dean!! Dimebag and Dave!!! Way to go!
Is is a coincidence that their names start with a ‘D’ Dean, Dimebag and Dave!!!

@jimlovesearth2 Get out of a Megadeth video then

fuck up

was dave ever with esp?

They aint fucking sellouts, you cant be a sellout in music! Its ART! They are diverse. DONT BE SO FUCKING SMALL MINDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it hard for Dave to realize that it sounds cleaner because he hasn’t done speedballs in several years? :D

United Abominations version of “À Tout le Monde”. There original version is on Youthanasia.

if you would have listened: he said “a tout le monde” a few times.

song 2:05?????

they are not duches now but sure as hell they were

You got that wrong. Jackson is good, but Dean has dropped their standards too low. That’s why Dean Zelinsky left the company and founded DBZ Guitars!

metallica are sellouts but not douches!

and he’s not a giant douch sell out like metallica….

Megadeth’s videos are terrible. That’s one of the reasons they never made it too big either. Shot poorly, and the slow mo thing is so pretentious.

That’s Sleepwalker, one of the three great songs on United Abominations, along with Washington is Next, and Burnt ice. The rest of the record is filler, and dave is way off base politically.. he needs to put the guitar down for a second and read a book (or two or three).

megadeth didn’t get as big as metallica for 5 reasons..

1. Dave’s vocals aren’t as manly, and his face is not very marketable.
2. Arrangements of megadeth songs are a little to jazzy
3. Too many political themes (people don’t want to think when they’re rocking, not that dave is very politically aware at all.. he needs to put the guitar down and do a little more reading.)
4. Songs aren’t catchy enough.
5. That stupid mascot Vic Rattlehead.

dave left jackson a long time ago and went to esp for a while then dean he left before the fender buyout

If Dave Mustaine was at my guitar center I would probably crap my pants

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