Dean guitar shredder contest entry

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dean guitar shredder contest entry – Marius Pop This song is dedicated to my friend Nicu Vedinas,a song that we composed together, when we were in Thamyras band with Gabi Dragan on drums
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sounds like symphony X

your shirts missing a button lol

Sped up hella fake

EPIC!!! i wish i was that good man, but i’m more a rhythm guitarist with a few raises and divebombs and simple scales

to me it looks like some parts are sped up… but who cares…

Freaking awesome man!!! How long have you been playin

:( I hate my playing now. Thanks ass hole. Hahaha. Just kidding, but really; that was awesome.

nice les paul it is tha bomb

Sorry but that made little musical sense. Not bad sound or technical strengths.


@81x85x thanks for appreciation :)

@andrewmassacre1 thanks man

You rock man. Sick shredding!

waaay better then the winner

Woah bro, where can i learn to sweep like that? Really tasty to!

Dude, you are amazing!! What pick do you use in this video and what pick are you usally use

with a Killswitch

how long have you been playing guitar??

OMFG JIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ dude that made my jaw drop omg that was fuckin great !!! MORE VIDS!!!

I didn’t know you could play such effective legato on a LP. I’d love to see a transcript of that solo.

awesome job dude , ure great.

buckethead does it all the time haha

eres mexicano o algo asi?

you are a mexican or something?

@kirkhammett26 lol dude…


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