Dave Mustaine Exclusive Interview! Dean Guitars@NAMM

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Exclusive clip from Dean Guitars 2010 “Live from NAMM” webcast featuring Dave Mustaine! See the entire NAMM webcast…over 12 hours of extremely exclusive content as Dean replays the best of NAMM Feb 26-28!! Get on the e-mailing list for more info and great offers at www.deanguitars.com
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Dave is awesome. Read his book, you’ll love it.

The interviewer seems like a major douche.

@fru1tbooter14 yes but who cares they are both great amazing guitarist zakk has his soul and feeling and chris has his technicality both different things and both sound great

hahahahaha ]v[ E G A Dave all day baby!!


im in love with that mako

I’d like to see Zakk play all the solos from Endgame. He can’t do it.

@Guywithnolegs Dave looks frustrated from the start, lol. He looks like he wants to punch this dude in the face.

Dave? Which Dave was that? David Ellefson? ^^

man that guy embarassed himself

No, a lot of shredding is planned such as Jeff Loomis’ solo album.

Pfft. Proof? Zakk Wylde plays ONE scale. Chris plays endless scales from major to minor to hungarian gypsy minor to super locrian.

built-in tuner omggg

im gonna get me a MAKO for x-mas!!

People say that Dave looks the same as he did in 1983. The guys has obviously aged. Same hair style though. He is off drugs. Cannot blaim the guy for drinking wine every now and then. Takes the edge off. Neat interview. The remasters sound good. KIMB sounding way better than the original. The rest of the albums could have been left alone.

Right on Zakk Wylde is one of a kind too. Dave is a beast on guitar. Poland and Friedman are my fav guitarists out of Megadeth. Poland plays with so much soul.


Lol anyone can play pentatonics fast and its the most overused scale in rock history :P

Haha, at 4:10 Dave looks real frustrated. :D Great review!

I know he can, an he’s ridculous good at it cause its his style, just sayin that people shouldnt compare the two cause they have their own styles.

zakk wylde can shred a pentatonic scale faster than chris.

Right, everyone. Zakk wylde is an AMAZING country style guitarist and is also very good because of his ability to play aggressively but yet still play some very nice melodic stuff.Chris on the other hand is purely a technical player,with sweep arpeggios and many complicated scales like that, chris is an amazing guitar player, mainly why Dave picked him. You cant conpare these two fantastic guitar players because they both play in a completely different style!!!!! m/ MEGADETH!!

that is seriously the stupidest argument i’ve heard on youtube. lemme get this straight.
zakk > chris because
1) zakk can play pentatonics fast
2) zakk has more videos of himself.
3) zakk can “outshred” chris?
thats it?
1) pentatonics aren’t everything, if anything pentatonics are VERY easy scales. there tons of variations of scales, modes, etc. all much harder than pentatonics.
2) of course zakk has more videos than chris, he played for OZZY.
3) playing endless pentatonics are nothing special

zakk wylde has videos of him shredding endlessly

chris has none because he doesnt cant shred.

zakk wylde’s a fuckin endurance shreder he owns chris.

this broderick vs wylde argument is hilarious. I love it when fanboys try to fight reality to the death to protect their favorites. its just funny.

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