Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Acoustic Version)

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Download here: clk.tradedoubler.com Download on Beatport: www.beatport.com The newest Dash Berlin single is still taking the globe by storm, fueling his rocket-ship ascent, which took him straight to the 105th position in the annual DJ Mag Pol. Unbelievable! says the humble Dutchman about the news this is a lot more than I ever expected to occur so early in my career. My thanks goes out to all the fans that decided I was worth their precious vote this year. The collaboration with Australian born singer Emma Hewitt climbed all the way to number one on the global Trance charts. Both the original and the recent hype-filling Dash Berlin 4AM Mix are obtaining their way into the sacred record bags of the world biggest tastemakers with the speed of light. The pearl inside every single excellent vocal Trance track is of course the song itself. When removing the epic wall of sound, with nothing left but vocals and an acoustic guitar, the naked song can reveal itself as a strong piece of genuine song writing. Dash Berlin: For the duration of the studio sessions with Emma and her brother Anthony we frequently used the guitar as the principal instrument in the song writing process. Its interesting to get away from the synthesizers and the beats in the first fragile moments of making. In this way you can genuinely focus on the song itself without being distracted by technology. When the simple thought is finished you can get creative with the recorded vocals like you can when performing a remix. Its that creative freedom that
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It’s so amazing!!!

love her hair style!!!….and her music ;-)


everytime i hear emma hewitt sing this song the hairs on my arms stand up possibly my favorite vocal in 35 years amazing never heard this version till today

Amazing voice I love her true talent right there!!

@mlucks17 GDF yeah!! :) I was there on sat too


Thumbs up if you cant see dislike bar. ^ _ ^



kool kool




Holly Shit !! :O

Wonderful song, especially like the acoustic version. Emma I love your voice and I love the expression of your heart and talent!!!! Did you write this one?? Come back to Red Rocks soon!!!


amazing ;)

It’s beautiful!! :)

daaamn, I wonder if you can get the tabs to this online

beautiful voice…beautiful song!

Fading of the day as night takes over and I can almost feel you here
Your memory remains I breath it closer
I swear that I still feel you near
The cool wind is taking over its taking over…….i love this song bless u angel girl….makes me cry when i listen.

31 People? are mad because they’re deaf

@honeydressy Have you heard of google? Pretty nifty thing.

can i have the guitar chord please.. love this song very much..

great voice! wonderful!!

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