Darren Criss Performs “The Muse” in 2007 on Michigan In Motion

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As a sophomore at the University of Michigan, Darren Criss performed his original song, “THE MUSE” (acoustic version) on the college TV station’s music show “Michigan In Motion” with host, Jake Serwer. This was filmed January 27th, 2007 in Ann Arbor, MI and is a WOLV-TV production.
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Geez, people! Lay off the hair. It’s Darren. Who cares what his hair looks? like?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Darren’s long hair, but he looks way older with shorter hair,? and I like it!

3 words: Oh My God!
Flipping heck! Darren; you are totally awesome and amazing and I kind of like your? hair like that but I prefer it longer and I just love you.
That song. Wow.

@superfangirl7 I can tell that there’s something I don’t know that I should know :) ? What are you referring to..? :D

@lasatern Your So Right About The Hair LOL I WAS FULL ON LAUGHING WHEN I READ? THAT :D

he’s? so little <3

@RhianaSkye yea me? too!

i actually like his hair here…? like its definitely better longer but i dont mind it like this

@Fireheart228 I was just? asking the same question.

Has there ever been a more? perfect person?

Oh the hair.? Darren just dont cut it that short again :)

Bless, he had no idea that he would become a famous actor and singer and would be just about to be the star on? a famous Broadway show

He wore? that shirt on Little White Lie!

THE HAIR!!!!!! :) ? :)

Hey guys I just came across a video – Its a cover of “The Muse” – Has anyone heard of this guy Nick Orpheus ???!!!?

How did he not include this in his ep? this is? BEAUTIFUL.

Dear Past Darren,
You will go on to play ‘Harry’ in two TOTALLY AWESOME musicals. And you will be absolutely gorgeous in it. You will be a founder of the musical theatre company called Starkid, that you will start with your awesome friends. Starkid will become very well known? and even go on tour with shows that are basically sold out. You will audition for the role of Finn on Glee and NOT get the role. Two years later you will audition for Blaine. You will get the role and become famous. :)

look at all the? barres in this song. oh my god it’s so HARD =( (lol sorry i hate barres so yeah)

darren should never cut his hair…plz its depressing to see? his hair so short

WHERE IS HIS HAIR?? He needs? the curls. It’s necessary for our survival.

hey, does anyone know the? chords for this song? I would greatly appreciate it if you know anything! less than three Darren!

@serenap05 Haha that was awesome! Not my favorite,? but it’s really not his hair that makes him hot:) Which is totally awesome, cuz he looks sexy any way! And that definitely was NOT an exception!:D

@KraziiIsMe Obviously, and I like the afro best, but I’m currently obsessed with whatever it is he had going? on in that Katy Perry video xD ?

Guys, it’s Darren. It doesn’t matter whether his hair is long, Blaine-like, or short. It’s Darren:)?

love how all the comments on? this page are about darrens hair =)

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