Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have you ever seen the rain? Beginner Guitar Lessons

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HAHAH damn near pissed when i seen the horned chords at the end!!

ahhh yeah.. Im excited to play this.

@Way2Baked4Cake: yeah because they live in las vegas!!!

5 people havent seen the rain.

Just started to play guitar and i love CCR, thanks alot mate!

Can you do “If you stay ” By Joseph Vincent.??

I like you´re videos i learn alot and also ur funny. :)

Any possibilities of doing an America song? Say Sister Golden Hair? Maybe not since you are Jewish?

I was told your CDs are on their way to me…woo…hooo!!

Marty for president! Huge kudos to you man. 5 months ago I stumbled upon your videos when I started learning guitar. I was hooked by your phenomenal teaching style. You make it fun (and funny sometimes) but it works. I sound better than people I know who have been playing for years now (unfortunately they had the wrong teachers ;-) . I have several of our DVD sets now. Probably over 30 DVDs (lol) and have worked through 8 of them so far. Love, love love the results.

i dont know if you did or not… but could you upload a video teaching Fortnuate Son?

I honestly do not understand how anyone could dislike Mr. Marty Schwartz’s instructional videos… maybe people don’t like some of the songs he teaches, which is understandable, but consider the audience he encompasses… anyone who wishes to learn guitar. I really appreciate everything he has done. 4 months ago, i never would have dreamed of picking up a guitar. but thanks to Marty, I have come farther than I could have imagined. Thank you, and keep up the good work. You are awesome Marty!!!

You, sir, are ah-maz-ing. :)

I love CCR, I love your videos, and you are helping keep me sane through med school. Thank you, Marty!!

been wanting to learn this for a long time

Ile bym da? by? mnie uczy? na ?ywo gra? na gitarze. i to za darmo. Czuj?, ?e by?oby to najlepsza rzecz jakiej w ?yciu bym si? podj??… jeste? najlepszy (jakiego widzia?em na yt ;p)

Marty, can you teach us the meaning of life? Because everything you taught has worked so far.

Dude you are awesome! I’ve only picked up a guitar once in my life before and after I watched your video for Sublime’s “What I Got” and this video I am now proud to say that I’m on the path to knowing how to actually play the guitar! And you’re totally rocking that B-more t-shirt in this video, I’m liking it. I live less than an hour away from Baltimore in a different part of Maryland :)
Anyways, THANKS for the help! :)

do a if it means alot to you by a day to remember pls

diki moc :) )

Marty you should do Don’t Fear The Reaper! I have a great lesson of it on my channel!

@FeR453CA it goes Bm, Fsharp, Amajor, Emajor, Gmajor, Dmajor, Eminor, Fsharp…. id like to get that book please. thanks

should do A Rainy Night lesson marty.. that’s pretty cool

Marty you are the don!!
By far one of the best guitar instructors on the tube

Thanks dude ;)

marty rules!

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