Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale Mega Rant

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Produced by Oliver Noble for, source link: Charlie Sheen’s epic radio meltdown mashed with Christian Bale rant, Mel Gibson phone calls, Alec Baldwin, and just for fun, Gary Busey.

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You should do one where Meat loaf is in it aswell this celebrity rant thing keaps getting better and better:)

Busey: FOR! THE! WIN!

Ha ha ha. Awesome ending.

@effutwosgirl agreed, Bale cracks me up, but the other two make me slowly want to back away


gibson and sheen are creepy.

classic…almost, just almost, wins my vote over the Christan Bale Rant from RevoLucian.

out of charlie sheens hotties who would do the blond fist XD

the best part was with the goddesses XD

gary busey ftw haha.. charlie sheen shot face was LOL

Hahaaaa thank 4 entering this piece of fine art into my life :D

@RedPortiaOne I am big like the Wolf God. Enjoy a loving relationship.

@MultipleScrotum No ‘bullshit’ on my end little man. You are looking in the mirror again. Have a nice life :)

@RedPortiaOne lol Retard. Easy to create bullshit over a youtube squabble, isn’t it you delusional prick?

I’m an F-117 BRO you can’t see me and I am black(a nigger)

@MultipleScrotum Hmmm lets see. I have a beautiful wife Ive been married to for 11 years, 2 beautiful kids, own my own home, 2 cars, over a million in the bank and tons of friends. Lets see what charlie has. 2 aids infested whores that are with him for his money, a major cocaine addiction, he’s bi polar, is a proven wife beater and is just plain insane. Sounds like your analisis of me being jealous is retarded like you. Nice try though you psychopath. Go play with sheens scrotum you bloced fuck.

@RedPortiaOne lol You are the one talking shit on people from the video. Sounds like you are the jelous one, you ass.

@MultipleScrotum youve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit about what a jealous fuck like you thinks

@RedPortiaOne no you don’t have to, but you chose to. Sick bastard. lol

Thats what I’m talking about, the expected apocalypse ranting battle!
-I’m F-18 dude
-Oh good for you
-I’m just telling you the truth
-You 3 have insulted me for the last time

@MultipleScrotum Me = Millionaire who doesnt have to suck people’s assholes like you. Have a nice life loser :)
Thats all.


Mel: I DESERVE IT!!!!!!


@mjd762 God damn right Mel is king!!!

@ronscott7 And why would Alec be cool with it?????

@Kagemusha08 You are the master of FAGS! Idiot. Mel Gibson owns ALL, and Christian Bale is a badass.

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