Chamillionaire – Middle Finger Up

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Mixtape Messiah 4 [Intro] Yeah And I`m feelin like [x2] [Verse 1] And I`m feelin like What the heck is this, if you say you diss Imma tell you this, you gon` shoot and miss, imma shoot and hit Never blow a kiss, all I blow is chips X you off the list, can’t co-exist, you ain`t gon be missed Steady stacking chips, lookin` at the wrist, tryin` to see a gliss You ain`t making this, see you getting pissed. Good relationship, bad relationship, no relationship Guess it`s cool for you to say I got a gift. If you ain`t on a team, you ain`t on a team. We gon` be supreme, you can do your thing at the limousine If you on a team, roll on with the dream- Tryin` to get ring, you gon` get a ring, you gon` be a king I aint 16, I ain`t 17, tell me what you mean I`ma grown man, I be getting green Don`t be sipping lean, tell me what you mean Never moving slow, quickest to the dough, I be getting green Hand thru the door, hand me some more, gamble it no! Got a kid that im grabbin` it fo`! Sike, I aint got a kid, if i ever did, then you know it`s his Have a hundred milli and for i go Asking me yo, after the show, whats your legacy Did you really go platinum or gold Answer them no, can`t really show None of that in heaven, so I never really answer them so He got upset, he tryin` to get on the internet Tryin to tell `em I ain`t jammin` no mo` Can`t dance on the flow, brag on the flow Feelin` like my voice really givin romance to the flow Sad for the dough, mad for the dough, bad for the dough

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Love this song…’s for all my haterz!!!! :P

Chams brother Rasaq is back rappin again! Color Changin Click mayne

magariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! i love this song

@Unpredictablevids Im not racist okay. I like white people. But I just hated went white people hate black people music. so shut the fuck up and keep your facts striaght.

@260kevinsutton why wud u assume hes white rasict dickfucker

Like If You Are British

yuhh this my jam kinfo brotha from anotha motha lookin like andy glover

@Flamatic51 stop hating

Naughty Ladies waiting for some one

@Flamatic51 go fuck yourself whiteboy

@Flamatic51 shut up dickhead

@Flamatic51 you’re more of a loser. he’s got famous rapping. you won’t be famous by working as hard as you can;)

Naughty Ladies waiting for some one

@Flamatic51 Your opinion is irrelevant

dis guys a looser

sick song :)

MM4 is better than most albums nowadays. I dare someone to prove me wrong.

cham will live 4 ever !

wow just …. F***ING GREAT … middlfinger up for the haters 5*

@kingp1983 hahaha yes some tech love too nice

This is a comedy record right?

Dude this used to my shyt!!!!!!

@chriskeable15 hahaha joel, haslem, mike miller, arroyo,?


too bad hes not getting a ring. no bench… all terrible bench

@kingp1983 they are the best

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