Castlevania Part 3: Oratorio of Ovation

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25 Click here to watch All Your History: Castlevania (Konami) – Episode two! All Your History: Castlevania (Konami) – Episode 3 (Game Development History) S02E43 Castlevania is one of the oldest franchises that is still active right now, and 1 of the most influential as well. In this second episode of our retrospective, watch and see how Konami turned Castlevania from 1 of the greatest names on Nintendo, to 1 of the biggest names in gaming. – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR More MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR Much more GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR Much more SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR More MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR Far more TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: All Your History Are Belong To Us AYH Rob Talbert yt:good quality=high Castlevania “Lords of Shadow MercurySteam Kojima Productions Konami Sony “Simon Belmont” series franchise reboot “PlayStation 3″ PS3 Microsoft Xbox 360 X360 “video game” vampires werewolves trolls “giant spiders” “David Cox” Gabriel

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and the sega saturn version?

nice reviews, but no game boy/gbc episodes mentionned ?

@4megatiger I didn’t understood your comment at first, but then i saw the video. LMAO.

whhen skeletons ride motorcycles the owrld is truely doomed

I’ll admit it… I got choked up! LOL, SotN is one of the greatest games of all time and I’m glad I got to experience it naturally, when it was first released, so I could learn everything as I played. Glorious game.

man, its times like this that i wish i was older during the 90′s. i’m so jealous of older generations, lol. except for the n64 game, lol

Castlevania SOTN is great, but to me the best one is Super Castlevania 4.

@hornedreaper7 Rondo of Blood and SOTN.

I dont know why everyone hates castlevania 3d I loved it
but then I never played the 2d version

@scotticapo96 No but Trevor Belmont is his son.

In the end of these videos about castlevania have some good looking cutscenes. From what games they are from?

Soma cruz is descendant of Alucard?

i started wretching at the mention of the N64 games

g0d d@mn i never knew symphony of the night had an inverted version,

@skaman125 i wonder if the mushrom thingy from mario told him

Best 2 castlevania characters ever!!!! Alucard and Leon Belmont :p lol I think so anyways

@vilane421 u would have to know that the players wanted something simple side scroller fight and go on to the next room it waz simple and ppl loved it so y change to something that MIGHT be good then just stick with what u have and if u lost interest like that off of that one castlevania there alot more of them so look into them b4 u just give up on it that fast.

@skaman125 not technicley cuz if u play castlevania X for the psp u would know that u can play as him if u know where to look.

Those that thought Symphony of the Night was over at the fake final boss were idiots. I played through that boss fight and continued playing through it without skipping a beat but lost interest. If they use the Street Fighter 4 engine for a side scrolling remake they would make more money than lord of shadow.

castlevania: legacy of darkness is the best castlevania in my opinion.

I wish he mentioned Koji Igarashi, he’s the main reason why the newer Castlevania games were so good. Then konami pushed him aside and had the fucking JERICHO developers create a mediocre game.

what a minute.. did he just forget the Gameboy Titles? Castlevania Adventure 2 was a great game for an handheld CV.

@b3amz in reality bill gates pulled a sony lol. sony was a major electronics player before they made sony and so was microsoft so they pulled a sony and made a well succesful system. Some would say xbox is succeeding more than sony at the moment but that is up for debate lol.

The gane rocks but I could never have progressed without videogamestrategyguides (.) net

What are you supposed to do instead of kill Richter?

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