Can’t Beat Air Man

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Music??? Accompaniment?Track?Hidenori I’m happy that many people come to concerts. Thank you.

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what the hell

I frankly like rock or metal song, but I can not play guitar, but I like this music, it was like growing spirit



i think i love my guitar so much now

Is this Sonic the Hedgehog? Whatever it is, she’s hot!

So hot it’s terrifying.

gambare nippon

you are very beautiful and very destroys you with your guitar is perfect! Congratulations!

??? ?? ??????

u marry me ?



So Cool!!!

Your asome keep on playing guitar ;)

I think i’m so in love with her right now :D

impresiooonantee !!!

?? ????? ???? ???? ???? (?) GOOD~~~~~ ^ . ^

I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I couldn’t understand why did you cover your face…Now I understand: it’s because you’re too beautiful for us to see you without going stray

Thanks for the vids,awesome playing

Where are the emotions? .___.’

you are beautiful, yes you are beautiful!! and keep rockin’ m/

Beautiful girl =))

Only asaiins can pull off the side ponytail.


:D Awesome!

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