Camel – Ice (Live)

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Song: Ice (Latimer)From album: I Can See Your House From Here [1979](Latimer Music/Gamma Records LTD/The Decca Record Co. LTD)See the best live performace of this masterpiece of prog-rock!The soaring melodie, the dazzling arrangement, the superb musician, the intensity, the emotion, the feeling, the artistry…It is “Ice”Andrew Latimer: Guitars, Keyboards, Flute, Recorder, VocalsColin Bass: Bass, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, VocalsDave Stewart: Drums, Percussions, SamplesFoss Patterson: Keyboards, Backing VocalsRecorded on March 13th, 1997 at The Billboard Live club in Hollywood, California.Harbour of Tears tourTrack from DVD “COMING OF AGE” – Camel: Live in Concert Produced and Directed by David Minasian(C) 1998 / 2002 Camel Productionswww.camelproductions.comALERT: the sound of keyboard was damaged in the audio/mono conversion made by Youtube :( You can hear this keyboard solo with a greater good quality here: for Curiosity:[Ice was recorded live in the studio at The Farmyard in Little Chalfont, Berkshire in 1979. Latimer wanted to redo the track simply because of the slightly flat guitar note in the beginning of the solo. The rest of the band, along with producer Rupert Hine and Phil Collins urged him to maintain the track as is.

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Yes, this masterpiece blows my brains out.
I am happy Andy recovered well.

who the fuck disliked this??????

That is absolutely wonderful – what a great guitarist and what a great band..

crying strings!!

listen to the other link..much better

I was listening to this in my car today, window rolled down, man pulled next to me and said “who’s that it sounds great”.

Impresionante me encata el sonido de su guitarra, preciosa.

el sentimiento de esta rola es impresionante , es formidable ….


@MrHistorian123 Yes that`s what I meant =]

@danjulification agreed on that

possibly my all time favourite camel track.. seen in 1981 in London and this is as good as the memory of that.

and i thought snow goose was brilliant this has just blew me away bloody fantastic

@GAFFTV *”Daisy” and no it hadn’t crossed my mind, my comment was without gender bias, gaylordery of male or female persuation, its all the same :P

@danjulification Never thought that someone with “Diasy” in there Youtube name could be a girl? Or are you so into men yourself you didn’t notice that? ;)

Either way I’m a bloke and agree fully with said comment. This music is beautiful and touching. For those who daren’t admit it, shame on you! This IS music!

Please go to SuperRoostie!!! I’m so desperate for comments and views, pleeeeease! Think of the children!

@danjulification quoted for truth!!!! HAHAHA!!

ih, oi, gustavo xD tava ouvindo ela no computador e pensei “po, vo por no facebook” e acabei de reparar que vc que deu o up. irado ,;)

@daisyros1 i know what you’re trying to say but you sound like a complete gay lord trying to say it.

This music is so incredible. I’ve listened to almost every version and prefer the ending of the original, because he starts you out slow, climaxes and reaches out and grabs your soul with the intensity, holds you there, and then brings you back down to where your emotions are spent and have traversed the entire realm of human emotion. What an incredibly beautiful portrait of his soul; it never fails to resonate deep inside me and move me..

Listened then and still listening now, still moves,
just great stuff.

Happy I bought their LP’s many years ago . and wherever I move to, this will always be with me !

This is a great song, which kind of reminds me of a band I’ve heard a few days ago, Aperco. Hear the similarity at their channel apercoband

Maravilloso, Fantastico…No me canso de escucharlo, verlo tocar así me llora el corazón… simplemente me emociona !!!! Awesomeeeeeeeee………….!!!!!!

wow, just in awe of this performance. I wished Andy could perform again…just like what was said, thank you Andy for many many hours of joy that you have brought to us…Thank You Sir!

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