Cake – Short Skirt Long Jacket – How to Play on Guitar – Guitar Lessons – Tutorial

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what are your amp setttings set to.. tremble, bass, gain, ect.

@gabys95 love that show



@martyzsongs where you got all your great guitars from määän?

Thanks alot! I always loved this song but never had any videos on it!!

She is so sexy and Latino women


you shhould do a video on how to play ohio is for lovers by hathorn heights

telecasters just have so much ‘mojo’

@ZiomBoy03 yep, it would

@Kylef7735 Shit, My bad. But anyways would be nice if Marty would make another AC/DC lesson.

@StealthWar95 I know but I’m still a beginner to the guitar.

I swear you have some sort of stalker/hater who always dislikes your vids because theres alway 1 dislike, all I have to say to the person is FUCK YOU.

@trumusichead its called … divided by 13

Chuck =)

@ZiomBoy03 He already has a lesson on You shook me all night long.

hey marty what kind of amp is that?

@charg2456 i didnt try to copy any1 well 1 time i did and well it was a little person he got stuck in the copier we called for help and they had to cut apart the copier to get him out so please stop trying to copy me i dont wanna get stuck in the copier….lmao besides i was j/k so relax exlax

@TheArxangelx you just said the word that you hate people using ^^

Specil agent Carmichael :)

special agent Carmichael :)

@slmsdy Dude, you could probably learn that song based off tabs, its really easy.

Can you do a lesson of the trumpet? : D

Marty do this song next The Marshmallow Dykes – “Black Surf”

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