Buying Guide for Laney vc30112 Guitar Combo Amp

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Dolphin Music Videos Laney vc30112 Visit

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Gotta love Laneys – the guy playing is pretty damned good too – dolphin music picked a good demo bloke there. Think I’m gonna buy one of these.

@SirCdogg This guy is awesome

Mikes guitar is an 89 valley arts custom pro strat, so the pick ups are emg’s.

there EMG pickups

I also would like to know which pickups he uses in the guitar, because they seem to work perfectly in combination with the laney amp.

Such a fucking awesome player

Hi! Please tell me the what types of guitar used in this review -> I’m interested in the used pickups -> it seems these are active ones?

What is the brand of your guitar? Please tell me the pickup types used in it. thx…

Crisp and clean and dirty. like my ex

i’ts very similliar to vox ac 30!

great demo

Great review, thaknt you so sooo much so SSs ooooso much chch ch chooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

That was a awesome demo and player

@BluesHeavy it is, but there is no song played in the key of dm in this vid.

this guy is a machine

Rather than this videos he should just do lessons this guys playing is SOOOO amazing. Man i’ve never heard ONE note…that made me said: Hole E She It…*rewind* ONE NOTE

@TreyRoque lolazo

I agree totally

I have a VC30. just had trouble with the channel switch but other than that all you say in the review is correct. It is a great amp and the price is right as it does compare to the equivalent Fender which is worth much more.

Nice review. I was *dreaming* of getting an AC30, but now I’m *looking* at this. Really surprised Laney can make a nice amp. Props.

@BluesHeavy No, the saddest Keys is Alicia.

whats the last song he played???

@SRV1DOORS1HENDRIX1 Got it! It looks like Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton.

@SRV1DOORS1HENDRIX1 Well, it sounds very familiair but I just can’t get on it….

all these videos would sound better if he wasnt using active pickups.

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