Building The Ernie Ball Music Man JPX with John Petrucci

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Building The Ernie Ball Music Man JPX with John Petrucci. Ernie Ball was the first to offer rock strings with the creation of Slinkys, and further revolutionized the market by offering guitarists Custom-Gauge single strings. The Ernie Ball Company also produces Music Man guitars and basses,…

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As much as I hate 5-way switches, I’d still kill for this. ALthough I still love my original Mystic Dream JP6 :)
Should’ve kept the scoop though, its ridiculously comfortable

7:00 “Lets make the guitar a little bigger. It fits with my body better”
Yes, we all know we have to make it bigger because JP is ridiculously huge and muscular :0

Does the JPX come with piezo pickups?

I love how they are showing a reflex model build lmao.

@jutso19 awesome man, enjoy it. lemme know how she plays !

@TheNohcim I got this one in the end. Absolutely awesome guitar and i love the 5 way blade

you paid 3 000 bucks for a guitar all made by machines… That’s stupid

@5beomexl It gives you more tonal possabilites. Also, this jpx has a les bulkier shape, and ebony always looks better

@Masterrese John can do it with his mind.

@TheNohcim i dunno. The 5-way just seems weird!

@jutso19 I say get this one. The new features simply just can’t compare to the regular bfr.

I can get one of these right away as it’s in stock now or order a bahama blue burst bfr and have to wait 4-6 months. Can’t bloody decide :( Ideas?

when is the video for the jpxi coming out?????

Looking at all the CNC and robot process, this guitar is overpriced!!!

Planning on the JPX in Black Sugar with Roasted Neck… Holy shit, I’m saving, saving, saving.

This is a really cool video.

fuck cnc machines I do this by hand

Man Id kill for that guitar,,its so badass and love the sound!

I wanna one of this…

the purple ones look bad ass

@Lexothphia Thats like Standard procedure, trust me, if you think thats bad, some of the things required to do when making a guitar are far more barbaric then that

Ahhhh, seeing those Machines reminds me of when I built my guitar, Now i really wanna build one again

must … not … fap

man..i am studing how to programm cnc machines…and programing it to make the body of the guitar must be fucking hard…

Also. Do you take orders for Tobacco Sunburst JP6 BFR’s?

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