Budget Amp Guitar Amplifier Review Raven RG60 Boss DS1 Pedal

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In this module we review a Raven RG 60 guitar amplifier. More gear reviews and lessons at www.nextlevelguitar.com
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do you have left handed guitar?

@915MemO so? he wants to talk with his guitar and not with his mouth…thats when you know someone plays guitar alot :L

you dot have that tattoo on your arm here? :O

sounds cheap, you get what you pay for i guess

@915MemO oh i know it annoys me

This Raven sounds a lot better than my Raven RG20!!!

I’ve used tons of different amps before and can say for a fact that thi amp and a good distortion pedal will sound as good as any amp for its size

@915MemO haha soo true but this guy is my favorite from next level guitar.

It would sound better if he had a guitar with a good humbucker.

@Broodkill A line 6? not unless you want to have every bit of tone sucked from your guitar…

has to much bass in it….isn`t that good….i think i`ll keep my cheap 15 w amp and get myself a micro and some loudspeakers …

raven sucks

Been playing for over 30 years and can say the Raven RG 60 and the much louder RG 100 are nice amps. For those that don’t like the amp’s sound have not heard the amp live and don’t know that the EQ on these amps sweep a wide range. The reviewer does not address that fact. So how do viewers know that the amp can sound pretty much what you want? If you like Crate, you will like Raven as both are designed by common designers.

i have this exact same amp. the gain on it, in my opinion, kinda sucks, but the clean channel sounds awesome! i’m thinking about upgrading to a fender tube amp though…

Why is it the demo guy is always a begginer player. Not trying to be rude, but you just started right?

How will this amp work with a loop pedal? i have the digitech jamman.

Cause of you I got this amp and now im about to get a pedal to probably the ds-1 to


i like the raven amps, as long as you are playing a great guitar. don’t try to play a cheap guitar as well or they’re not so good

@RandomGuitarist96 get rid of the ds1 and get a better AMP! btw not this one..get a marshall or line 6

rave amps suck.. in all honesty

if you had the choice between this or the fender fm 65 which would you choose?

@RandomGuitarist96 The DS-1 is a crap pedal. I had it and I sold it. Its very blahhh sounding. Get a distortion pedal with a dual gain circuit or a pedal with a tube in it. Ibanez Tube King or similar. The Boss metal zone is a decent pedal, but Im grabbing an Ibanez TK very soon.

i for one love this amp and have it, i love that splat-strat, and most importantly hate these guys

hey i have a boss ds1 and a washburn with emgs and it sounds shit! can anyone tell me wat to do?

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