Buddy Whittington at Ovation

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Buddy Whittington with Power House at Ovation in Fort Worth Texas www.ovationrestaurant.com

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Buddy is the greatest, have worked with him and he is amazing,looking for him now,it it’s Betty Lewis get back with me as soon as you can,tell the family Hi!!!.Jam on Brother

Great version of this tune. This really has that classic swing feel. Buddys opening solo has great jump blues phrasing. I am fortunate to live in the S.F. Bay area where there are significant number of great blues players. Sometimes I go to a jam and hear guys as good as this. Really. One is Kid Anderson who was touring with Charlie Musslewhite. Another Rusty Zinn and my favorite Johnny Cat check them out.

Rock on Buddy, one of the best blues guitarist around at the moment..Jake

These guys are this s&*t but I agree with the above poster,ya got to have a bass player and drummer that can groove to get it done

Don’t mess with Texas.

I’m hep to that Texas Drummer thing 145..the LA players are one-take double-scale and having played with the highly technical East Coast cats.. DC-Boston..NONE have or understand that shuffle groove [snare 2-behind 4 on] creating a delightful tension…theorize it’s a fusion influence of country swing, laid back soul, and a healthy dose of 50s-60s Rock..n’est pa..whatta I know? I play keys – and sequencing rhythm tracks is the most time intensive task in midi-sequencing process. Bb


The guitar is sweet..but man those drums are outta site…I think people forget if you don’t have those drums it only makes it harder for Whitting and Mouse to do their thing…Go Jimmy go!!! There is a drummer who can sit in with ANYBODY!! and make them sound great!!!I know..I’ve had the honor a few times….Fletch

darn these Texass Bluesmen kick ass !
Thanks for posting this vid of Buddy and his
Mouse is a great player in his own right.
I’ve only ever seen them here on Utube, so thanx for edumicating me :-) )

great vid mike! buddy rocks… sweet strat tone for sure….. band is tight!

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