Brett Garsed Lesson

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Brett Garsed Masterclass!

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@rager86 yeah right, and pigs will fly too dumbass

@rager86 That’s pretty funny. That’s like saying that Eric Kretz will own Carter Buford.

@mdelr ow my face

slash will pwn him

Possibly the best slide solo i’ve ever seen!

Hi, imitation-

MAIN REASON I wanted to talk to you is your “Jimi Hendrix Licks” video. THAT IS BY FAR, THE? BEST HENDRIX LICKS VIDEO IVE EVER SEEN!

Please, PLEASE, TELL ME- Did that come from a DVD, or from a website, where I can get TAB FOR IT? I HAVE TO GET THE TAB FOR IT, OR I WILL DIE!!!!!!

Thanks, …..mikkespo1 – .

PLEASE, write me, or let me know, where that video came from, so i can try to get tab!?

This guy is the business!

this man ultra professionel guitarist,superman :)

this guy i idolise he is a gr8 musician and one of the best to export to america man if i could play john farnham which i can on my guitar i will have a jam with him

He makes it look so easy haha

no,still standard tuning

he change the tuning in the guitar for the slide examples?

damn he’s good.

joe haley uses very similar approach to his technique – ‘hybrid picking’. It takes a while to get used to, but I’m sure if you put in the effort you could do it.

saw him live in canberra – incredible player…

Brilliant player!!!
He’s great on the latest Derek Sherinian-CD ‘Molecular Heinosity’.

theres a guitarist from a band i like call joe haley the bands called psyroptic he said he listen to alot guys like brett garsed but wondering would joe haleys playing technique be hard to learn or how to learn to play like him ?

un grande!


once you absorb Brett’s approach…
you’d already spell “DIFFICULT”
with a 4-letter word…

let us ponder in it..

Alex McHachek (sp?) does some amazing stuff with hybrid picking too….

Goddamn, that Rory G. vibrato example he played just annihilated.

ouch dude

Sarah Jessica Parker plays guitar?

cos he also wants to use a pick. who the hell would find this “offensive”?

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