Brad Davis Demonstrates the Takamine TAN16C

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Grammy Award Winner Brad Davis demonstrates the Takamine TAN16C Acoustic Guitar at Sigler Music Center.

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The guy has awesome fingers!

@namewcn … Hey, I’m with you buddy. I think Brad should play a few licks from Def Leppard or ZZ Top. Hell Brad, just kick out the jams man and play some Who, and don’t forget to smash that axe into splinters just so we get to hear the “real sound”… wtf indeed.
Hearing the range and fidelity of an instrument requires the talent of a Brad Davis. IF you wanna hear 2 or 3 strums go turn on your washing machine.


And a good idea it is

@namewcn What if you are a fingerpicker?

@Wili008800 get the ef360sc which is the same and you only buy the cool tube system :D and the ef360sc looks waaaaay better

well im still hesitating choose one model among ef341sc ef340sc and tan 16c
i love the mahogony of ef340sc, the color,design of ef341sc and ctp2 of tan 16c

i like this guitar becuase of the pre amp but dam i will like to see a better finish with inlays… i like gloss finish =)

@siglermusic dude whats the differents between the takamine tan16c and the tan15c?

Esse tal de Brad Davis não toca porcaria nehuma ele só tem nome por que ele eh patrocinado pela takamine, por que se ele fosse patrocinado pela Tagima ninguem queria nem saber, tem tanto musico bom sendo patrcinado pela tagima e ninguem liga pra eles, O juninho Afram é um excelente guitarrista, o kiko loureiro, é patrocinado pela tagima e usa violoes takamine. O kiko do Roupa nova toca muito mais do que esse cara ai. E vamos admitir instrumentos tagima são um bosta.

Well yeah but what does it sound like eh??

takamines g seies or awesome long lasting incredible bass over all great guitar. sorry for vocab sleepy

For the price range I consider the takamine g series one of the best guitars. I had and EG523sc and sold it and got a tak tan16c. Awesome sounding great. Oh yeah, Brad Davis used to only play Martins. Don’t listen to that crap about him play fast to hide the sound of the guitar, because I know if the clowns who posted those other comments tryed to play like him they would probably make the most expericence Martin or Taylor sound like crap.

hello guys i am thinking of buying an electric/acoustic takamine guitar G-series and the guitar i want to buy costs about 500 $ do you think its worth to buy a takamine guitar?? please let me know as soon as possible!

these reviews are so biased! they will never tell u the negative points of the guitar! pointless

I hate those self indulgent guitar players…yeah you play fast, so what??? You must be an ace on bed with that speed!

Unplugged sounds great. These are more focused towards the stage because of the preamp.

the tnv360 has a bearclaw spruce top with some bling adornments.

the Tan16 is a better value than a 360, but the 360 is a way better guitar imo. Either way those are two outstanding instruments.

hope this helps,



actually if u gonna test a guitar, u just strum 2or3 times without a pick or fingerpick to hear exactly how the sound is.

This is a stupid test and many other videos
they always play some bluegrass or flatpick

That doesnt give the real sound of guitar.

I’d say this in his defense: there are a LOT of different reviews (Sigler Music) on Tak guitars. He plays different styles, not just bluegrass. Maybe he was tired of strumming :)

your’re right. with such fast playing it’s impossible to hear the wood of guitar.

I consider this video just a usual PR of Brad Davis. Not a guitars’s review.

That’s what I want to say!!

Actually I want to listen the strumming and fingering sound from this guitar but all I listened just very fast single note.

sam dibil!

Look my post in Englisn under the russian one

In English please!

It’s actually Ta-ka-mi-ne(neh)
Japanese pronounciation

Music he plays is really bad for such tests.
Yeah, he’s a cool man to play speed-solo style. But the majority of guitarists don’t play in such style! In this test I didn’t get a clear view about this instrument’s facilities at all, because this dimwit pull the strigns mainly one by one:((

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