Brad Davis Demonstrates the Takamine EF261SAN

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Grammy Award Winner Brad Davis demonstrates the Takamine EF261SAN at Sigler Music Center.
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@kinnikudavid Takamine is shipping guitars with D’addario EXP strings gauge 11-52, like Fender and Ibanez guitars.

can I download this song somewhere? It’s awesome

I just got one of these off C-list for under $600, in great shape…I’m learning on this model. ;)

- Jeff Emmerson
(Google Me – Author of an up-coming Memoir entitled The Road to Myself)

what is this name? song?


this is a beautiful looking and sounding guitar

sounds sooo gooood!! i want one soo bad!

How much does a guitar like this cost ?
I’m a beginner and i really wanna get some skills playing a guitar, just for myself as a hobby.

Please send me some information about guitars you sell and if possible some pictures so i can have a sight what i like and what i dont .

Best regards.

its laminated not solid body =( that why its cheap!

Absolutely beautiful song!

This old buddy i’ve been dragging round
seen a lot of ups and a lot of downs
This old buddy
once have a girl
made momma proud down round
lost her one night
one a winding road
when hit head on
with a heavy load
This old buddy i’ve been dragging round

what is this name song? please

I’ve worn a hole through my EF261SAN.
It’s my true love.
For those who say you have to plug this guitar in, WRONG.
Check my videos out for proof!
Great video. Brad is great!!!!

Someone Know That Song he Playing

I bought this same guitar for 250 dollars at a used music store best investment ever

Hey, no prob. It sounds just as sweet and warm unplugged, but this is not a guitar to use unplugged for gigs.. it’s way too quiet! It’s not a super full sounding guitar, because of it’s size.. but it is VERY clear and warm. It’s beautifully made and the electronics are the best out there. I’ve got Elixir strings on it and it sounds amazing.

hey thanks for your help.. does it sound just as full and warm when played unplugged? and is the general quality of the guitar good?

I’d like a Takamine for a similar price, they’re so good looking. I hope you find one.

Taks come with D’Addario strings, if I’m not mistaken.

It’s a Genz Benz Shen 100, now discontinued. See the archived/discontinued pages of the Genz Benz site for more info.

To answer so many people’s questions. I have the exact same model as being played above. You can pick up an excellent condition used one for as low as $850usd. A brand new EF261SAN will cost between $1,000-1,200usd.

It plays wonderfully plugged in as you can see. You should probably not get this guitar if you don’t plan on playing pluged in. It’s sound beautiful unplugged but is not loud enough to be played in even solo gigs without an amp. Greetings from Spain!

What’s this song called?

Pleaaaase , If someone knows that song , tell me the title , contact me , pleeeaaaaase

Hey , SomeBody tell me what the name of the song please

i wish i still had this guitar aswell, so sad i had to sell it!!! :-(

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