Boss DM2, Boss DD2, Ibanez AD9 Delay Pedal Demos.

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It seems the DD2 gives it a bit of a reverb along with the delay repeats. I used to have a PDS-2000 from Digitech, a long time ago. I used it with very short delay setting to use it almost like a reverb. Since now I have an Orange amp with built-in reverb, I could easily use an analog delay instead of digital. By the way, very good demo. : )

Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate these pedals. Really cool!

I like the way the Ibanez sounds…almost “smokey” sounding if that makes any sense.

yeah i think the digital one sounds not as warm as the analog delays. how much did you pay for the boss dm-2 ?

holy crap that fender twin purrs like a kitten

@minitel3615simon Thanks for wasting your time here!

Dry tone starts at 1:25 , Ibanez AD9 starts at 1:50 , Boss DM-2 starts at 3:08 , and Boss DD-2 starts at 6:22.

Thanks for the video, it was very enlightening for me. =)

Less talk, better tuned guitar, and better matched settings and this would have been more helpful. Also, show each pedals maximum delay settings.

Less talk more rock

Very helpful. Thank you!

@rustycowbell The Superdelay phase inverts your signal though

Exactly. Of course the DD-2 isn’t analog, but it’s more ‘organic’ than the newer DD’s and it’s easy to mod, just like the DD-3 and the DSD-2.

@rustycowbell I just wish it didn’t digitize the entire dry signal and has the dry tone go thru A/D and D/A conversions, and I wish it didn’t cost over $400.

my dd-2 hums loads when i use a power supply. which one are you using?

The Ibanez is warmer as compared to the DM – 2. I kinda like the Ibanez more.

useless and boring

how u powered ur pedals??? which power wupply did u use!

Very good demo! I’d go for the Boss DM2. The Ibanez re-issue seems to exhibit a lot more distortion at the same levels.

People seem to find that digital devices have a cold and lifeless sound. What it is really is absence of distortion, and perfect reproduction of the input signal. But our brain likes distortion, but not to the point of degrading the signal too much, just enough to be lively and organic. Constantly evolving sounds will always be more interesting and that’s why analog is better.


digital delay is the best!

Awesome demonstration. Well done, friend.

I think this is a great demo, thanks a lot mate! I remember the days when I had a DD-2 (or 3? lol). I agree with you about the Boss being more organic, it sounds very lovely to my ears.

2 min to start hearing how it sounds the pedals

dd 2 delay resolution is low – makes it sound close to analog ! try the higher up dds , ( like the 5 ) and thats way to perfect repeats. DD2 is sweeeeeet. Dm2 is flat , organic for sure, Ad9 soundeds like the repeats have a mid boost?

Great video! I will just like to see the same demonstration with the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. Great Job! Keep Rocking!!!

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