Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer – Beginner Guitar Lessons on Acoustic

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Is that a mysteryguitarman shirt? oO :D DDDDDDd

2:20 just 4 fun!!!!!!!

your – hey wazzup you guys is so epic !

Dude – you are dominating my favorites list lol

Great stuff, man! Keep the lessons coming!


Nice lesson but a very funny green wall.

u seem to be a really funny and cool guy! :D

Pretty Cool lesson here, Covers the topic quite well. Ive just made a course that you might be interested in. Check it out! would love to know what you think

RexPearson. com

8:40 the guitars hair grows FAST and Marty FREAKS OUT!

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@santos061976 xD

@gilium125 Haha I lolled

shut up!!! marty is better

shut up marty is better

hey guys if you want to know how to play these super easy songs.. just go to UltimateGuitar because they show you all the chords and how to play the chords and they have tabs and whatnot… check them out !

thanks marty! can you please give a lesson on a song call ”Beth” by KISS?


thanks Marty! ur the best

@santos061976 hahahahah lol

Is this Lesson in Standard 440? I’m trying to go along but I’m missing!!!

Really great lesson. Thank you Marty! :)

lol at @3:55 xD

Hey Marty, Great stuff. How about changing the G/C in the Chorus to a G/C-add9 for a little flavor and easy of chord changing. Keep up the great work.

@rjackson1994 Never knew people could be so stupid.
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