Bob Marley – Redemption Song – Effortless Acoustic Songs on Guitar how to play

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6:00 is he in his boxers?

great vid marty, you look rough man, dont party so hard man ;)

the cords r actually G, Em7, Em, C, G/B, Am and D

thank you so much for your video, it really helped me!!
You’re an excellent teacher, thank you for this lesson.

you are an exellent teacher ! seriously!

So that’s why you wear hats

dude tht was great thank you so much

you have a tut for every song. seroiusly.

2 hours later, and redemption song = mastered. Thanks a lot!

mix it up accordingly……

crazy…. g, e minor, c, d hhmmm sounds like last kiss

Yeah man, you forgot the hat haha!

Redemption Song is my favorite song. The only song I memorized its lyrics <3.

Thanks 1000 times for the video, you really helped.

you’ve been incredibly helpful Marty………..TU

where is the hat marty? another cool lesson

brilliant… fav song….. know how to play it now… but could you play the full tune at the end so can play and sing along… thanks…. i’m goin to learn from all your vids now Thanks
Tish 8-)

merci man tu es trop fort :D

great job on this one was very easy to understand great job

i made a youtube account just so i could tell you that your videos are appriciated. you are the man. keep it up brother.

thanks, I really like your lessons – fun and helpful

man in a few days my guitar will arrive –> this will be my first song i play on it thanks to you thanks allot man really i appreciate it

Hi Marty, i’m loving your work, any chance you could teach the chords for stereophonics, billy davies daughter, it’s a great track.

Your the man.. good teach.. easy to listin to.. don’t bore us. Keep on keepin on ! Your helping me lots

great job I love it .It’s cool to follow a great teacher .

thanks man

What’s wrong dude?, you seem a little pissed off or something =/
btw, you’re awesome

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