Blues Guitar Lessons – 2 finger blues rhythm – comping – fender strat – gibson les paul

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blues masterclass lessons

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fu*k imagine if marty didnt say “”now solo bob ryan” @4:09 . Woulda missed out on tht sweeet as tropicana solo and the video woulda jus finished… man.. ye…. Marty could jus tell Bob was on the scene tht day, dese cats r coolio

i’m so torn between the les paul and the strat. i’m looking for a guitar that has great cleans and can also handle some distortion for classic rock.

I know these guys, and neither of em live here. Marty lives in a small bivouac and the other bob lives … oh ok ok, I don’t know these guys. I just aspire to cos they are huge and stuff

whats the last chord that he ended with at 5:10 ?

This guy Bob Ryan – I love him!!!! :) ))

Nice job BoB!!! Marty you always do a nice job!!! :D


damnnn bob ryan FREAKIN ROCKS ! im gona study those solos. damn..

Marty, please, I’m begging you! Make Bob do a video about soloing in the major pentatonic scale. He was really fantastic. Anyway, do you think that the video idea I suggested would be possible? I would be grateful if you could reply.

Bruce Willie on Guitar???LOL Man Bob Ryan its a Beast I need more info about him!!!!!!! Please someone tell me!!!!! God BLess YOu the Two of you!!!!!!

Very tasty.

Hey man, NEVER give up online lessons. You’re by far one of the most inspiring guys I’ve encountered during my ‘guitar journey’. I’m just sitting here sipping some bears and practicing to one video after another on your channel and I haven’t felt more satisfied and excited about guitar in months. If I’m somewhere along the east coast someday, I’ll definitely go see your gig.

@cjoey39 thanks joey!!!!

Hey Marty and Bob! Another great lesson! You’re having so much fun, getting paid, (I assume), and helping thousands of people all over the world play better guitar! Could it possibly get any better? Thanks again! Joey Vaughan “World Blues Attack”

4:19= jizzed in my pants

Hey guys I need help with theory.Im learning the circle of fifths at the moment.
And I want to know are there any other circles or anything else I should know.Because somebody was telling me advanced theory is way different

can you teach rhythm of love by plain white t’s?

Dude can play something else besides blues. like rock or heavy metal you have enough blues videos make some videos on how to play Disturbed or All That Remains please

Gotta love that srtat sound:)~ Thanks Marty!

ooh man, what’s happening to me?, now i want to be bluesman instead of rockman!

@guitarkidgonewild it is true, thanks for the kind wordz…..


Bob is damn funny

He looks like the old man from lost

Marty you have done it. I cant believe you started out having trouble getting money to keep food on the table and know youve become the best guitar teacher that i know of and you are playing the most expensive name brand guitar just rockin with your bud. keep it up man

niiiiice! ; )

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