blues and Rock Guitar Lesson – Land of A7 – Advanced and Intermediate Chords for comping

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Marty, one more thing and I’ll stop bothering you, is the following list an ok list of what scales to play over a Major chord or should I add more scales to this list?

Major chord
- Root Major Scale
- Root Lydian Scale
- +1 Tone Up Minor Scale
- +1 Tone Up Dorian Scale
- -1 Tone Down Minor Scale (any one)

Alright, so I don’t really know how to phrase this Marty, but two questions, how do you know what chords really “fit” or “Complete” a progression? I know alot of 6th and 5th string barre chords and have been jamming a few ideas of mine but sometimes I hit a brickwall on what chord to use next. Is this a matter of knowing the whole I II III and IV concept for chords?

And another thing, how do you necessarily know what scales to use for what chords?

fucking epic lesson! love all of your lessons , im so gonna buy dvds once i get a job. Hey could you do some more of dat acoustic fingerpicking blues lessons? like the ones with the Ben powell guy, they r so great for jamming alone

I have that same guitar!

wow, that’s beatifull sound, wthat kind of amp and guitar effects are using, and what you use for looping?

wow, that’s beatifull sound, wthat kind of amp and guitar effects are using, and what you use for lloping?

@maplegrace a looping pedal is a pedal that records something that you play on the guitar and reproduces the sounds repeating it :)

What is the looping pedal?

i thought those are all different chords? :o

Great lesson. I just downloaded your free blues domination Ebook, thanks again, and keep em coming!

another great lesson marty,love your playing and love the blues and jazz

any web site with charts / tabs of the chords? Please!

@magicmanfly search “acoustic blues guitar lesson”

Marty or anyone out there, Marty did a video on an acoustic guitar with progressions up the neck in A. I can’t find it. Does anyone remember the name of that Youtube video?

Hey Marty, love your lessons. I’m 17 and I’m kinda grounded by a kidney stone right now. I’m taking the time to watch all your lessons and really learn blues guitar. Hahaha all things happen for a reason I suppose.
Thanks and love the strat!

hey you have my guitars that i have

Great Video. You show the chords, how to play them, and you show theory. There are few other videos on youtube that are as comprehensive as yours. I teach guitar, and your lessons help me show new things to my students, and make me a better player. Thanks

The A7 (orAdom7th) chord has the notes A C# E and G. One scale that always works over Dom7th chords is Mixolydian which has the notes A B C# D E F# G. The 4th note of the scale is D the 7th is G..

same question, why G and D? what about if ur playing in another key?

@$#% this sucks @#$%$%&$#$ i hate my connection i have been here for 20 minutes and im on…. oh wow exactly 1:00 wow

I think it’s because D is in the A major scale which the A7 comes from. G isn’t a problem as that note is within the A7 Chord as the minor 7th. And he could’ve meant C# by accident.The D however isn’t which is what confuses me also I think Marty may have been wrong.
Either he, is or I am =P

@guitarjamzdotcom why A D G for A7 though?

I like that tone

bet it’s fun to give away all those guitars….. you get to play ‘em for a while! i’m always itching for new gear but have to be careful or the collection could easily get outta hand!

@leri123456789 yes I am giving away this guitar!

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