Blues Acoustic Backing Track for Harmonica, harp, in G Longer version

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HERE IS A LONGER VERSION TO PLAY ALONG WITH..ENJOY.. Would you like all these tracks and more…over 1000 backing tracks available.over 100 lessons of all kinds.with tabs.over 100 jam tracks….blues country..rock etc…over 800 backing tracks from 50 of your favourite artists and bands all pro tracks, all mp3.All on one DVD..Have Gigged many times with these tracks…take a look…see my channel info…or Please message me with your email for full list of what is on the DvD

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i jammed hard to this with my harp thx alot love blues

how many people played this guitar..

love it!


I love this! Thanks!

Thanks,that was fun playing along with. I have played straight harp over ten years,and just recently started cross harp. It seems to just improvise makes a pleasing sound.

@TattooBull a C harp is good for G blues. Here’s the blues scale 3B 3D 4B 4D 5D 6D

I am new to the harmonica , and only have a “Hohner 532/20 MS C Blues Harp” ….. what backing track (as in key of what ?) should I use to play with ? …. I play a little guitar and very little piano .. so I know that the blues is a 1 4 5 , C F G …. so I was thinking maybe in G , cuz I have a C harp ? IDK … some please help !!!!!

Wow… Great help. Thanks for sharing.

u got some good 1s

I would very much like to get your cd with all those tracks. how can I do that?

@ave0923 Yes, cross harp is 4 keys higher than the backing track.

awsome it sound nice on my guitar i use g and the a scale with d i like it

Good Blues track. Thanks from all of us.

Squaids 0:47

geat backing track

great backing track

love it

I like how the guy is playing his harp backwards

-2 -3b +4 -4b -4 -5 +6 6ob +7 70d -8-9 +9
two octaves of cross harp blues scale

@sinisha61 Amplified blues sound from a karioke machine? :)
Which karioke machine?
Maybe I shouldn’t have spent 200 quid on a custom JT30 …

Thanks for posting.
I’m diggin harpin along with this one. Just completed one of David Barrett’s books so I have a bunch of good new 12 bar solos to work with. Nice!


Great BT, helps the playing a lot.

Yeah. Use a harp that’s tuned 5 half steps higher than the song.

If this is in G, wouldn’t you play 2nd position cross harp in C?

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