Blackstar HT-1 demonstration

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Blackstar engineer Cliff Brown demonstrates the Blackstar 1 watt guitar amplifier, the HT-1. THE HT1 FEATURES INCLUDE: • Innovative 1 Watt valve amp • 1xECC83, 1x ECC82 • Clean and Overdrive Channels • Unique patent-applied-for Infinite Shape Feature ISF • Reverb (HT-1R and HT-1HR) • MP3 / Line input • Headphone / Emulated output • 8″ speaker • Extension speaker output
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this is one of the best amps ever made! Great for beginners to proffesionals!

@behemoth666123 No I mean the HT-5R. Its the new HT5 that includes reverb. :)

@BenGmanUk you meant HT-1R, right? :) also the HT-1H has reverb, too. (it’s the head version)

@psychofunksoldier02 The HT-5R is the model that has reverb.

This sounds totally unbelievable, in a good way…what are the specs of the guitar?

That’s the worst clean tone I’ve ever heard.

Sounds great! Why no reverb for the HT-5 though? That would’ve made it the perfect small tube amp.

When will the HT-1RH be sold in the US , AND Where ? Jerry

Great Demo. Thanks! My HT-1R’s coming March 9th.

when does this amp go on sale in usa?

got one today. first impresions are exellent.

Mmmmmm… Beer.

@heminder Yes, easily.

@heminder Have a look at our video ‘Using the HT-1 to record at home, with Andy James!’

Does it like pedals ?? :)

@thedesignaddict cheers man, just in my studio apartment i’ve got neighbours to the left, right, above and below me and I don’t wanna get kicked out just yet!! I think I might get this then, I’ve seen it selling for £169 some places.

@Barracuda007 You definitely get the ‘tube sound’, and it’s very small. Most amps of this size are shitty solid state, but this was a refreshing find. I tried the Orange Tiny Terror, which sounded awesome, but no headphone capability. The Blackstar has the capacity to sound great at low volume levels, but if you crank it up it is shockingly loud for its size. When you plug in headphones it sounds good, but not as rich as the cone (of course).

@thedesignaddict how loud is it mate? I wanna get a decent tube amp sound without getting complaints from my neighbours!

…but can it do metal?

This is one hell of a practice amp.

@ashatan69 because he’s not a drummer. he probably has it there because he’s looking for a drummer. gitar players are smart that way.

It’s that Line6 feeling again… You buy something that you think is ace (HT-5 in this instance) and fuck me… a few months down the line they come out with something even bettererer!!!

Nice Strat BTW!

I just picked one of these amps up and it’s great. Perfect practice amp. It’s got everything you need; tube sound, reverb and loads of gain. No foot switch, but if you find your sweet spot, you can control the clean and heavy sound in a single setting. I love it. The MP3 Line In is an awesome feature if you want to play along with music using your headphones. A+++

Hey, does this one come with a footswitch?

anyone know how to preorder one in the US?

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