Billy Idol – White wedding [Guitar Lesson]

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Video teaching to play white wedding

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normal tuneing?

great thanks,very clear,like the tones wonder what amp u r useing.

i dont think this is how he plays the intro part, watch steve himself in this video: /watch?v=IqGB4nQIAcQ

is he downpicking the chords??

A great teacher come across very well

Dude, go watch the video of steve stevens playing it. This guy plays it totally wrong…

playing in a cover band I use youtube quite a bit …this by far is the best lesson I’ve seen. Thank you!!

this guy rocks ! never saw a good lesson like this !

i like that guitar aswell, fender strat style, but a few lil nuances like the jack socket is on the side of the guitar :)

Excellent beyond belief lesson on a classic Billy Idol jam….

dude watch his fingers and figure it out

Wow one of the best clips on how to play a song I’ve seem on the net! Thanx for uploading,

i have D,E,B for the chorus

Rockin lesson dude. Thanks!

this is correct,but complicated…at 6:34 you should play it from 1 chord….Cminor….

Thanks man. I have been playing it “wrong” for so many years now, I don’t know if it is even worth learning it the right way. Nobody ever seems to notice. At least if I ever get around to it, I will have it all spelled out.

dude wat r the tabs

@poison123100 always trying to help the community!! :D

i would like to say thanks for posting this video up i mean this really helped me out!


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