Billy Gibbons Guitar Lesson Video

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“So in conclusion, don’t be afraid to use your fingers. Don’t be afraid to use that pick.” What a cool cat.

Tres Hombres… Coolest of dudes.

the beard is god…

it’s like he talks through the guitar man

Awesome!!! Sincere Thank you from Blues and Rock n Roll players here in Cincinnati!! Please post more stuff! You are a gentleman and gracious! Thank you again!!!! I l play it over again and I pick up different nuances!!! Other rock n rollers could learn from you! Posterity will have this stuff to look back at and they will know!

That’s just awesome! Thanks for posting it and thank you Billy! You are one of my favorites!

Check this month’s (January 2009) of Guitarplayer magazine to read what Jeff Beck says about Billy!


The pure sound of this guy makes me shit my pants….

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