Behringer BDI21 bass guitar pre-amp – front view

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Behringer BDI21 bass guitar pre-amp – front view
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Here’s what (Secret) Santa brought me for Christmas 2007 – a Behringer BDI21 bass guitar pre-amp. I don’t usually play bass much (except when I’m recording demos and playing most or all of the parts myself). so I don’t have a bass amplifier, and wanted something which would give me a nice tone with bass guitar without needing to mike up an amp.

This unit does just that, and I can also use it as a DI box (via the XLR output on the back) should I ever need to take the bass outside the house. You should start hearing the output of this box on recordings of mine quite soon…

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is it a good item??

For the price, it’s amazing – with my Squier Precision Special, the BDI21 gives it warmth and a bit of crunch, which is great on "rockier" songs. I’m not really a "bass player" (more of a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist who also plays bass on recordings), but I really like this pre-amp for recording with. I can’t say what it would be like in a live situation, as I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s on my list :-)

So, the short answer is "yes", especially given its very low price – it depends on what you’re after, though, so read around online and see what others think as well.

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