Beethoven Virus – Guitar cover solo

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The Beethoven Virus theme played with the electric guitar. I made the arragement by myself, and I played by ear. Enjoy and leave a comment, if you like!
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God that’s so good!

i flag this vid for beeing too good….

tienes las tabs?

got one thing left to say ..
*awesome …*

Can you please aswer these questions???
okay lets start
1, what guitar you use??
2 , how long you have been playing guitar??
3, how to be god like you??
4, how old are you
5,can you maybe make a lesson for this song ???

Rock on you got skillz!!!
Never stop playing guitar PROmise!!!!!!!!!

thumbs up !!!

Ps… nine person just tried play this song and think guitar is not for me!!!!!!

nice man

Treeemeeeendooo!! sos increible men! me gusta!!! estaria bueno tocarla en vivo con una banda no? jeje.. exelente! :D

wow awesome ! =D

Very very nice. =]

can you share GP for everyone, thank you very much

nice version, i have played the full version, with the fastest part, check it out in my channel if you want

8 people are jealous!!!

I think that this video only gets dislikes because it’s from people who would do an epic fail at trying to play this

its awesome

very amazing sir!!! n_n
i was hoping you could show us how to play “death moon” (it’s from the game o2jam) thank you! :)

I swear to god, if i learn this song ill literally faint!! No dude, your the maaaan! xD i might learn it and play it on my school’s award cerimony XD


those 8 who disliked this are non music lovers!!!

You better have a perm, tight pants and wear make up. Cause that was awesome!

haha I wondered if you were going to play those pedal point notes there, but I think that’s way out of a guitar’s league ;o



is your guitarr a Harley Benton MS-11WH electric guitarr?

wow dude ur amazing
nice vid

Would be amazing if could share the tab for this great song :D

awesome man if u could write out a tab that would be great!!!!

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