Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare Guitar

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A7x Nightmare guitar cover by Travis Kaufman. Guitar TAB for Nightmare available here: www.unitedwetab.com
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i have the same guitar as the rhythm one just without the awesome paint job.

Best cover on youtube!!!!

buen trabajo

really great!!
I love it!!!
but I never play by tabs to tabs


@UnitedWeTabDotCom i used drop c for the rhythm part and it sounds right.

hey man..ho do u compile all the video clips in one????

that was fuckin amazin bro i LOVE ur style

wow best cover so far

@Broncosfan60 Lead guitar’s corresponding to the piano part I guess.

coooLLLL boy…

Not sure I’ve ever heard the lead guitar part in the chorus but whatever

@Jousteh xD dont be mean :P but im just not fast enough.

@heyAngelUduhsexy2 Yeah, I got one good tip. Use your hands. Did it help?

Fuck I knew it and now I can prove it it’s now how expensive ur pick ups or guitar is it’s how u fucking play it brilliant

better than the original one

veeeery god!!!

any tip for how to shred? o.o

very very good =)

This is by far the best cover I’ve ever seen of this song!

@Malahak21 Exactly!

So it’s like Itunes for guitar tabs?

one word ^^AWESOME^^

Pretty sure there is no guitar at the beginning

you play like Zacky V.

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