August Rush Acoustic Guitar Slap

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I felt inspired when I saw August rush.. This is just my little version of what she (kaki king) is playing. This version isn’t supposed to sound like what you hear in the film, since i didn’t use delay. I also learned this song very quickly. i jammed for about an hour before i came up with a version i liked. This is my own little version, so don’t expect it to sound perfect either. The tuning is open c so from low to high it’s c,g,c,e,g,c. leave some comments and tell me what you think.
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you could play better?

wtf? they suck

Let’s just calm it down here. If you like the video say you like it…if you dont, dont say anything. If you like Justin Beiber’s better (altho i don’t get why you would its Justin Beiber) then tell HIM that not this guy…i like it by the way trying to teach myself (failing epically but trying) so just take a deep breath and calm it down a tad

jb did this
he did a commercial wearing texas rangers stuff
i know totally unrelative 2 the vid but ya

the best

OMG! its amazing!!:) and to learn it in just about an hour..woow.. in my language I would say..”klobuk dole” :) )

I wanna learn this so bad.

@SoftWaterSeas Stalk your profile? I’m sure it’s considered stalking when all he has to do is press one button.
You’re retarted and fat? So, ’cause he hates Bieber does that mean he’s fat. Your logic is outrageous.
Your grammar is horrid, 17 words were in-correctly spelled, 22 were correct, that would be pretty damn good if you were 5.

genial :D

Haha, how could anyone argue that Justin Bieber’s version of this was any good at all? Let alone compare it to this, he is terrible, this guy is talented.

Tapping harmonics sound Awesome!!!!!


It’s just so childish, and a waste of time.



the jb version just plain sucked.. he was just beating the shit out of it like a drum…

I think this guy did it amazing, and so did justin. shut up sayin bad things about both, they did it amazing, just sayin.
people could be so annoying..

People just crack me up sometimes… Really guys over a freaking video… this guy is good… and the jb version just sucks… it sounds like crap..

@Kythepianist lmao!! I know right!! It’s crazy. people can argue about the smallest things these days.

@SoftWaterSeas In my opinion justin isn’t good at slap guitar at all. On top of that you can barely hear the song he’s playing in that video so it ends up sounding like hes just hitting the guitar randomly. Don’t compare a celebrity to a random person on youtube it’s stupid. And don’t say “bye now” as if you just showed me up because You have your opinion and I have mine. Also, Learn not to type like an idiot

@LooopQ i compared cuz dumbass picklevai was bringing up jb. an jb did it better whether its tha same song or not. tha guy in tha video sounded lyke he was struggling. jb jus learned how to do it at tha time an did a good job. bye now :/

@SoftWaterSeas because i hate when people have to compare someones video to a celebrity. Justin didn’t even play this song so how was it better?

@LooopQ why r u replying to me

@SoftWaterSeas yeah this guy knows what he’s doing. he isn’t struggling at all. i got nothing against the bieber but his slap video wasn’t that great.

Wholly crap lmao !!! who knew that a simple slap guitar video could cause so many hatefull comments. Geeze , this is so funny…. come on people calm down … this is how war is made, were peacekeepers not war makers … let us all make an apologie and “shake hands”… and make peace haha.

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