Aston Martin – some short history and why I chose this nickname

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Aston Martin – some brief history and why I chose this nickname

Aston Martin’s – How Excellent Are They?

Properly, let’s contemplate the fact that Kobe Briant jumped more than this automobile…Among other points, how very good is this automobile truly? Is it worth buying at this point of economy really?

I have to give some credit to this company as the New Year is approaching. Since I have a nickname associated, but not only. I like the name and I could like the vehicle (never ever drove it – as of but).

I wish the very best for the organization in the New coming Year! I apologize for using their copyright name for my nickname, it was just a catchy name then when I chose this nickname. I will have to figure out some thing else some time soon!

Some men and women apparently really like this car, which is why it must be so popular as it is today.

This is a organization from Britain. Aston Martin Lagonda Restricted is it’s full name. It manufactures luxury cars


The business name is derived from the name of 1 of the company’s founders, Lionel Martin, and from the Aston Hill speed hillclimb near Aston Clinton in Buckinghamshire[two] – Wikipedia excerpt.


In 1913 Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded the organization ( I did not recognize it has such a lengthy history, truly up until this moment of writing).

The two had joined forces as Bamford &amp Martin the prior year to sell cars made by Singer from premises in Callow Street, London exactly where they also serviced GWK and Calthorpe vehicles. – an additional quote from Wikipedia

Later that year, Bill Renwick, Augustus (Bert) Bertelli and a number of rich investors, which includes Lady Charnwood, took control of the business and renamed it Aston Martin Motors, and moved it to the former Whitehead Aircraft Limited works in Feltham. Renwick and Bertelli had been in partnership some years and had developed an overhead cam four cylinder engine, utilizing Renwick’s patented combustion chamber design, and had tested it in an Enfield Allday chassis. It was the only ‘Renwick and Bertelli’ motor vehicle made. It was known as ‘Buzzbox’ and survives to this day.


-Wikipedia (once again)

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They had planned to sell this engine to motor manufacturers, but having heard that the Aston Martin car was no longer in production they realised that they could capitalise on the reputation of the Aston Martin name (what we would now call the brand) to give themselves a head start off in the production of a completely new vehicle.

Among the years 1926 and 1937 Bertelli was the technical director of Aston Martin, and the designer of all subsequent Aston Martin vehicles for the duration of this period, these becoming known as the ‘Bertelli cars’. They included the 1 1/2 litre ‘T-type’, the ‘International, the ‘Le Mans, the ‘MKII’ its racing derivative the ‘Ulster, and the two litre 15/98 and its racing derivative the ‘Speed Model’.

Mostly open two seater sports vehicles and mostly bodied by Bert Bertelli’s brother Enrico (Harry)a modest number of long chassis 4 seater tourers, dropheads and saloons had been also produced.

Bertelli was quite keen to race his cars and he was a really competent driver. 1 of the extremely few motor producers to in fact sit in and race the vehicles he developed and built, the competition no doubt ‘improved the breed’ and the ‘LM’ team vehicles had been quite profitable in national and international motor racing which includes at Le Mans and the Mille Miglia.

Financial troubles reappeared in 1932 and the firm was rescued by L. Prideaux Brune who funded it for the following year just before passing the business on to Sir Arthur Sutherland. In 1936, the business decided to concentrate on road vehicles. Car production had usually been on a modest scale and until the advent of World War II halted work only about 700 had been made. Throughout the war years aircraft components were made.

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From Wikipedia

My Comments: I like classic and antique vehicles actually and in New Year I will attempt and credit this company by possibly bying a vehicle from them (following I start performing greater with my enterprise).

This is a great vehicle in so numerous aspects starting from ellegance, luxury, design and overall performance and ending with charm, looks and physical appeal. And, of course, the ladies will like the colour red with you sitting in the middle of it!

It has participated in distinct movies, most notably James Bond.

Also the popular Television series “The Persuaders”. Sir Roger Moore drove a yellow model there. So it has been featured in many high-profile movies and Television series.

I would suggest this classic to everybody who is thinking about, properly, a classic vehicle for themselves.

More than the century, numerous diverse models have been produced, such as:

- Aston Martin DB3
- Aston Martin DB3S
- Aston Martin DBR1
- Aston Martin DBR2
- Aston Martin DBR3
- Aston Martin DBR4
- Aston Martin DBR5
- Aston Martin DP212
- Aston Martin DP214
- Aston Martin DP215
- Aston Martin RHAM/1
- Aston Martin AMR2
- Aston Martin DBR9
- Aston Martin DBRS9

And others (following 2005, never drove none of these new models either).

Properly, I wish you a happy New Year!

I am a beginning author, who is working to supply readers with a steady supply of fresh material.

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