arising thunder – Angra – Aqua – guitar cover tutorial

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Ola! Hi! A song from the new Angra album Aqua. The tempo is very fast (for me at least) so there are mistakes… I’ve made a tutorial (a simple one) for those who want to learn the song, I’ve put all I could in the youtube 10 min Tutorial: Intro at 4:46 Main riff 5:49 others riffs chords : pre chorus : Amin Bmin Cmaj Dmaj chorus : E E5 D5 E5 Gmaj Dmaj x3 and B Solo intro 6:22 Solo tapping 7:09 Solo Kiko 7:53 Solo Rafael 8:43 Heavy Riff : 9:26 Good work! One more thing! If you like the song, support Angra and buy their new album ; )
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Você parece o Phillipe Lobo do cifra club

/watch?v=IVy-K7iA0_I My version on the Bass / Minha versão no Baixo. :)

Muito bom cara parabens

Muito bom mesmo, parabéns
Vc não tem uma tab pra disponibilizar pra gente??

Muito bom cara… vlew…

@neneoscaraveio : )

@canaldjdavid Obrigado!

pow eu gostei continue assim

AWESOME!!!Congatulations from Brazil

@WillianR1000 : )

hey very nice playing!!!
I like a lot of Angra too!
The guitars are simply a “school”!

@XtroydeR : )

Oh shit , you are a superman :O

@okgwen Merci : )

Super, félicitations!!

@preethamjones I’ll see this link ; )

thanks This is kids stuff compared to what I learnt at GuitarLessons(dot)tk

@vitorassan Obrigado

@IPosseidoN Français!


Nice stuff I also suggest GuitarLessons(dot)TK

@jfebev3 There wasn’t enough time, I had 10 min Only… see the chord in the description.

Ta muito bom, mas ele não tocou a parte do “when you hear the winds of revenge” no tutorial.

cara ! vc toca mto beem… parabéns kkkk

good good! I like especially the timing of rhythmin’ palm muting parts, well done ^^

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